Catherine Bedejus

Catherine Bedejus


My name is Catherine Bedejus, I'm 59 years old and I have 3 children.


I am a beautician and I also have always been interested in nutrition and everything related to health and wellbeing, but above all, I’ve always had a true passion for the scientific aspect of this work.


I quickly realised I needed to be independent, to have the freedom to manage my own actions and life.


After spending 23 years working for a cosmetic and nutrition lab, I felt the need for a change. I wanted to move up and find innovative products and concepts, and Nu Skin met all my expectations. In  ageLOC science, I found the scientific performance for which I was looking, as well as ever-going scientific advancement, economic growth and conviviality with this company.


This encounter made everything fall into place. I needed visual proofs and I got them when I saw the results on the skin of Mireille Neviere whom I knew well. That's the moment I started believing in Nu Skin. (Mireille was Diamond, and if she could do it, so could I!)


I immediately started working. My faith and conviction helped me find customers who trusted me, and I built my Circle Group right away as to have a strong foundation.


I had to maximise my commissions very quickly, and it was very important for me to give the proper support and training to my customers. This is why so many of my clients were loyal, and my results were almost generated by themselves, which allowed me to have enough time to develop my network of Distributors.

I have built my network based on trust, professionalism, sharing, and excitement, so people would want to follow me.


I reached the Emerald Executive title. I loved the sensation of advancement, the feeling that everything was possible and limitless. It gave me energy that I then shared with my associates.


I always attended the trainings and the meetings because there is always something more you can learn, and Nu Skin knows how to get us excited.

Unfortunately, in the middle of my journey, I was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), a deadly and incurable disease, which is destroying the neurons commanding my nervous system, day after day.


Therefore, I am currently, and only 3 years later, entirely paralysed and in an electric wheelchair.


I lost most of my ability of speech and movement. I am 100% assisted but I never quit Nu Skin. I didn't want to give up; I wanted to keep being efficient for my team and my customers. I am set on winning, on not giving up, even if I can't do as much as the others.


I find other solutions to keep progressing thanks to my spirit, I am a fighter and will stay one until the end, because for me, it means staying alive!

I need to stay where things are evolving… I’ve stayed true to myself no matter what.


Today, I still have great volumes, as well as the strength of my team which is continuously progressing (up to 5 Rubies in my Genealogy) and which became autonomous. In return, I get amazing support from them and from my customers.


I know I can count on my leaders, hence the importance of associating yourself with solid, visionary, and entrepreneurial people who are able to question themselves.


I find strength in the evolution and the success of my team, and in my head I am not sick.


I am very frustrated with not being able to work like you, because my disease restrains me, and it's unbearable, so please take advantage of your entrepreneurial freedom. Don't complain over futile things; keep your energy only for the good things.


Thank you Nu Skin who supported and was not indifferent to my current state, which is something rare today in a company.


I keep the light inside me to give strength to the people I love.


Thank you all!