Yuni Indriati Fatonah & Nasrullah

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“Nu Skin is a School of Life”


That’s how Yuni describes what Nu Skin means for her. This mother of 5 kids really loves to study; she earned cumlaude degrees from University of Indonesia. Even in Nu Skin, she turns her activities in this anti-aging company as a learning process. 


Yuni’s first encounter with Nu Skin was started when she looked for a treatment for her face after being exposed to a product with mercury. Quite strange that as a chemical engineer, Yuni knows the risks of those hazardous materials but still she treated her face with such product. “I trusted my close friend (who suggested the product),” she said. While she worked on her thesis, Yuni got her cream tested. She was shocked to find out that it contains 800 ppm of mercury; very high and would affect human’s health. 


Yuni felt guilty, especially because some people have bought the product from her because they thought it was safe. She suddenly stopped using and selling the cream.  Consequently, her face started to look dull, with breakouts and spots. It was lucky that her pregnancy was not affected by this hazardous ingredient and the baby was born well. 


Since then Yuni started to educate her friends and consumers about the danger of skin care products with mercury for woman’s health. At the beginning Yuni got difficulty to find good alternatives of facial skin care products until one day she knew Galvanic Spa that helped her face recovered. 

Before decided to join Nu Skin, Yuni did a research about the products and studied the scientific journals. From a modest intention to educate women to become beautiful in a healthy way, Nu Skin has turned to be a business alternative for her and her family. Yuni started to develop herself in Nu Skin. 


Her husband, Nasrullah or Nas, then joined Yuni in growing their Nu Skin business. As a businessman who is busy with property business, as well as a trainer and book writer, Nas was initially skeptical about Nu Skin. But when Yuni was able to prove her success in Nu Skin, Nas started to support. 


With their commitment, this couple inspires many people. “For us, Team Elite is about a number of people’s smiles who are able to gain benefit from this incredible company.” said Nasrullah.