Novie Nurul Diah & Muji Burrahman

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Majority of people think success is a matter of luck. They think success is attributable to people's gift/talent. In fact, success is the result of a planning process. Success takes place when preparation and chances meet.


Some people think success can be gained in an instant manner. They see it as a moment, event, or a place in time. As matter of fact, it is not. Essentially, success is a process. Success follows a consistent work. It is about growth and development. It is about achieving something and using the same as a stepping-stone to gain other things. It is a journey.


Alhamdulillah (Thank God), all achievements made in 2017 are attributable the God's willing and a solid teamwork. This would have never happened if there has only been a single person or one man show. Our current task is to intensify our team in the organization. There is no secret to success in this business. The most essential and crucial thing required in this business are focus and consistency.


No pain no gain. Success requires sacrifices. During 2017, there were lots events and situations requiring us to learn and learn. This made us learn a lesson and grow and boost our spirit to attain higher achievement. What is required was how to deal with restrictions, barriers and handicaps: to get over them or to make the reasons/excuses to surrender. Winner never quit, quitter never win.


In 2018, our challenges get bigger and more serious. Lot more things need improvement and enhancement. The future targets are queuing, waiting for us to catch them. The two quotes below may boost and intensify our positive mood to become champions.


“Work silently, and let the success sing loudly". (Frank Ocean).

Success is not a coincidence, it is a hard work, persistent learning process, sacrifice and, above all, loving your job." (Pele).