Henny Djuwita Santosa & Melani

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Those are the words that always come in the mind of Henny Santosa who believes that there is no such thing that she cannot do and, off course, other people too. This is implemented by her consistence during her seven years achievement as a Team Elite; the journet that she found difficult in the beginning because her beloved mother passed away when the qualification was about to start. But Henny was not long saddened by her lost and immediately got up to realize her dreams to help improving the lives of many people and make Indonesia a big, wealthy country.


For Henny the journey this time was pretty challenging because she was not only aim to become a Team Elite, but also Million Dollar Circle. Non-stop supports from family, upline, downline and sideline made Henny feel so grateful to keep moving forward and reach her goal. She will not give up, because for her  “I’m Possible“. The next journey to become an MDC is her fulfillment to a promise to her belated mother. 


Day to day Henny lives her life with extraordinary activities as a business woman in automotive industry as well as Nu Skin. In early 2017, she was also kept busy with book preparation in remembrance of her mother. In such a short time, she was able to deliver the book that will become a memorable piece of her beloved mother.


For Henny, there is no such word like “Cannot“. She will always say “I can“. That is why despite her very busy schedules, she keeps sharing about Nu Skin business to other people and spread the motto to her employees and downlines. The result was reflected in her achievement as a 4 Star Creator.