Hendra Ramli & Marlina

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“Every Valuable Things in Life is Worth an Effort”


As a couple of IT professionals in Singapore, we knew that we would not have time freedom and money if we worked as employee. That is why we actively sought for opprttunities and prayed to God asking for a way out. But we never imagined that the answer was multi-level marketing company.


After consuming weight management products from Nu Skin, along with our upline’s persistence to have us attending 2013 Nu Skin Indonesia Convention, we then decided to resign from our career that we have built many years ago to succeed in Nu Skin and return to Indonesia. Before joining Nu Skin, we already had good career. Therefore the moment we joined Nu Skin, we were determined to be successful. We ran for every goal that our upline has set for us until we became Team Elite.


This 2nd year Team Elite is dedicated to our friends in Nu Skin. If common people like us can, then everyone also can. Many were failed because they make Nu Skin as a tool to get fast money. Many people want to succeed but they do the process half-heartedly. When they face bigger obstacles, they give up easily. 


Every valuable thing in life is worth an effort. We became IT professionals because we worked hard; we became Team Elite because of the hard work too. We do Nu Skin with full integrity. We respect friends who just join as our new family members and appreciate every single, simple dream that they own, and increase their standard until one by one they are able to gain the life that they dream of.


If good people do not want to succeed, then the world will be filled with irresponsible successful people. We are grateful that we meet good people in Nu Skin who want to change their friends’ and family’s life. Don’t give up in chasing your success; make the world a better place for everyone.