Ershy Rafanti & Maksun Jatmiko

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“This Bussiness will Always Be Our Life Changing Opportunity”


The journey to Team Elite is a life process. We felt it so hard especially when we chased the stage of paid as team elite for 6 months. The price that we had to pay was terribly high; it was about the relationship of us and the children, and also as the leader in our organization. Emotional cost was above all other aspects; exceeding time, efforts and money that we had to pay. 


During the hard times, our sacrifices have made us better. Our business grew bigger as we decided to take the process. In the process to the 3rd year of Team Elite, we really felt significant difference. We were being reminded to keep reviewing and recharging ourselves, and get out from the comfort zone. We were shown the way that success does not come from ourselves. Our work has yet done. As leader of our organization, the road to success for each team member is still long. 


And that was the challenge; when we struggled for our 3rd year, we also had to coach our team members in developing their organization. It is true that the road to Team Elite is never easy but it is worth the efforst.


After the process, we can tell everyone in our organization that it is not a problem when we fall and stumble, or when many people left us. The problem is how soon we take decision to get up from the hard times and ensure we keep running to chase our goals. 

For us, this bussiness will always be our life changing opportunity.