Devi Chandra & Kriswanto Lie

In mid 2005, I was invited to attend a presentation of business opportunities. When hearing Nu Skin, my memory went back to the year 1991, the first time I heard Nu Skin in Hong Kong. What impressed me much was if a certain product remains exist after score of years and keeps growing to all parts of the world, the product must be special and outstanding. My intuition told me that Nu Skin product which remains exist after score of years and keeps growing after score of years would give promising business opportunities, especially to Indonesian market which was to be opened back then.


Encouraged by the wishes of people around me, I also got the benefits of quality products to make me stay young and healthy. I started sharing stories with them. Impressed by such products of Pharmanex and Nu Skin, I started running this business seriously. Realizing that the success of a business requires commitment for a particular period of time, from the very beginning I gave 2-year timeframe whether this business would work for me or otherwise.


My journey in Nu Skin towards becoming a Blue Diamond has gone through various kinds of challenges. The biggest challenge was my own self; namely how to control and motivate myself, as essentially, a man prefers to take a pity on and look for comfort himself.


Indeed, the challenges to tame and control my own self were always there as long as we want to develop and grow in different shapes. After reaching Blue Diamond, I went into the comfort zone, got carried away, and did not pay attention to my self-development and capacity growth. I remain exist in this business only by maintaining what ia have got and went for short-term goal in the form incentive trip offered by Nu Skin.


When Nu Skin was declaring Me + 4 program, as a leader I motivated myself to participate. This program gave me a lesson to learn: how I can ask my team to Me + 4 whereas I could not act a role model for them. A leader must jump first.


The goal to become a member of Team Elite has crossed my mind and emerged over and over again. It was still in the form of a serious thought without any decision. Making a decision is the hardest part for me because I could not withdraw it. There was still fear in me to pay the price and go out of the comfort zone.


When attending the Regional Convention in Singapore in 2014,a simple question coming from my kid has made me knock a hammer. In his book called "Goal", Brian Tracy wrote: "When you are absolutely clear about your goal, you do not even have to know how to achieve it. By simply deciding exactly what you want, you will begin to move unerringly toward your goal, and your goal will start to move unerringly toward you. At exactly the right time and in exactly the right place, you and the goal will meet." This quote made me believe that I could be a member of Team Elite as the goal is so clear and I had made up my mind about it.


My journey to become a member of Team Elite was not easy, it was long and winding. When we search for something bigger, the challenge will get bigger too. But the challenge will not be barrier if we respond it properly, we will get stronger and bigger and more focused on or goal.


I always believe that good goal will be blessed and endowed by God. The goal of this achievement is not for me, bit it is more to my team, in particular, and my partners in Nu Skin Indonesia. The Nu Skins mission "Force for Good" has wide and deep meaning to me as it goes in line with the goal of my life, namely to inspire people. May this achievement inspire, encourage and motivate those people to grow.