Sri Resnowati & Satriadi

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“Being Useful for Other People is the True Goal of Life”


Possessing the Team Elite title for 4 years was a true blessing because it is everyone’s dream in Nu Skin. Not only about title, as a Team Elite we have to inspire and motivate other distributors to also dream high and strengthen their organization by developing great leaders. It is important that everybody believe that becoming Team Elite is the ultimate goal in this business because it means the bigger our organization is and the more people whose lives are improved. 


Although it seemed like a dream, it is true that there is no impossible thing if we want to do it. The happiest moment for us was when we became 2015 4 Star Team Elite Platinum. In the following year, we were pretty close to the title but we missed. It was sad but we knew we have done our best in this business; something that we will always be grateful.


Nu Skin has made us live a young and healthy life. We know many people and have positive activities that make our live balance and fulfilled. With Nu Skin we have a chance to live a better life. Starting something is not easy because we have put extra efforts to seek for consumers and learn about the business and its products. Everyone in the business must experience it. But if we hang on by continuously spread the seeds in many places, sooner or later we will harvest and attract people around us. Once it happens, doing this business is not difficult anymore. 


No matter what we do, it takes commitment and focus as well as passion so that we will never feel boored and tired. Do not waste our life, make ourselves meaningful. It is better to try and fail than not give it a try at all only because afraid of failing. Because being useful for other people are the true goal of life.