Ridha Revidha & Dianart Fazli Zulkifli

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“Gets Closer to Allah, We will Find the Way in Every Steps” 


Thanks God once again we were able to become a Team Elite in 2016. A year full of struggle which made us realize that everything we have earned was because of Allah SWT’s permission. In early 2016 we decided not too active in developing the leadership but kept our focus to the achievement of Team Elite. We are grateful that at the right time, Nu Skin drives its distributors to use social media to expand our business. 


Plenty success story from foreign leader in using social media has become a good example for us. We, who only did offline in growing our network previously, decided to learn from everyone. We were not alone and got support from many friends who also has the same perspective. Despite limited time, distant location and various backgrounds, we fought each other in developing this business. We thank God we were able to face all the challenges well. The answer for every question was getting closer to Allah, then we will find the way and ease in every steps.