Lanny Sutiarto & Ronny Soeprajogi

“Focus to Change Ourselves and Learn to Be Better”


This is a journey that we never imagined before in which we were permitted to enter a new milestone for Indonesia. One thing for sure, this achievement does not only belong to us. It is a celebration for everyone, cooperation and hard work of many distributors of Nu Skin. More important, it is a celebration and the achievement of the cooperation between Nu Skin’s distributors and staffs. Without a strong partnership, such achievements would not be easy for distributors.

Many people asked what were the hardest moments that we have faced. Looked as if business was easy for us when a lot of people have to deal with challenges and obstacles to chase their success. We would have lied if we say that we never face any difficulties. Success is obtained not with the absence of difficulties but by learning to overcome it. 

We are sure that problems in network marketing are pretty much the same. Be it in Indonesia or South Africa, there are three main problems that need to be handled if we want to succeed: 1. People, 2. People, 3. People. When we want to get a lot of money, we recruit more people. But getting more people also means a lot of problems; some rejections, complains, dissapointments, cancellation, as well as fake expectation. Among many people that may give us problems, we have to focus only to change one person: ourselves. Focus to learn to become better, to like and be liked, to give added value and put others first before ourselves. 


As people tend to focus on their interest, they would hope that other people will change.  Therefore it is important to treat other people like how we want to be treated. This principle will give us different perspective on how we treat our prospects, customers, downlines, and sidelines. And suddenly our business will also be different.


Often times the breakthrough that we get does not come from massive action or different action but from the small things that we do. If we hang on such principle as the foundation of our business, many extraordinary things that we’ve been dreaming will be achieved.