Joanna Wiraatmadja & Helena Lee

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Everybody engaged in Nu Skin starts his/her business with a dream. Joanna & Helena’s dream is so simple, namely to have passive income that will guarantee both of them to live their live with the desired lifestyle. In the course of time, the dream came along with the objective of Nu Skin, namely to provide a better quality life, thus enabling everybody to reach and pursue their dreams.


By reaching their dream, everybody can give hope while encouraging others to make their dreams come true. This couple of leaders who have qualified as Team Elite in the third year realized that such title was just a milestone in the history of success. The point is to see the organization keep growing.


Nu Skin is a simple business but it relates to many people. And, in principle, every individual is unique. No two individuals are alike. As such, Joanna & Helena understand that this is a business relating to the personality growth. That is a big challenge to answer. "Understand any and all potentials hidden in you. By doing so, you will see positive things coming to us. That is the right time to pursue and reach the desired success," said Joanna & Helena.


A better improvement of personality growth is the real success. The success starts when a person can see his/her personality gets better and he/she turns into a better sibling, a better child, a better leader, a better friend and a better business partner. Nu Skin business will take everybody to a better and meaningful life.


Before joining Nu Skin, Joanna was introvert, but was fond of arts and highly creative. She is big-hearted and had huge passion in arts and had her own design studio in Singapore. It was her interest in the sale compensation scheme up to level 6 was 5% and here expectation to build a limitless business and to have passive income that dragged her into Nu Skin business. Joanna was truly aware that the routes he had taken would never give her what she wanted, namely an extraordinary lifestyle. Through the years, Joanna turned to an individual with a better entrepreneurship skill, more attentive to others and became a better communicator and leader for her team.


Helena’s life experience as an employee was not free from stress, conflicts or struggles. She lived such life for about 30 years, and she has gone through 3 recessions which in turn made her realize that she would not be able to live her retirement age with sufficient and satisfactory pension fund. Nu Skin has given her a new life to live on, which is beyond her expectation during her retirement age while giving more values to life of others by listening to their grievances, directing and running business or even increasing their confidence through a number of meetings.


"We are just ordinary human beings. Thank God for the blessing and happiness He has given us and enabled us to succeed and have the best people in our team," added Joanna and Helena, referring to the people who have become their family and gave them extensive motivation to keep on believing that financial freedom is not impossible. Financial freedom is reality that can be materialized if we have big dreams and work strenuously and painstakingly to make it come true.