Henny Djuwita Santosa & Melani

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“Persistence conquers resistance”. That is the story how her older sister, Eka Shinta Santosa finally managed to invite Henny to build Nu Skin business hand in hand. At first, when Eka Shinta, then, a Blue Diamond Executive shared innovative products and business opportunity to her, Henny paid no attention at all, as she was seriously engaged in automotive business. Being persistent, her sister kept on using GalvanicSpa on Henny's face and body and inviting Henny to come along with her to a meeting held in Johor in 2009. She was 100% aware that such products and business opportunity might affect people life in the time to come.


Like her late mother, Melani, Henny believed this philosophy, "Good people attract other good people". As such, both of them are in agreeable to the founder of Nu Skin, Blake Rooney, who shared the urgency to sponsor good people. Before joining Nu Skin, Melani and Henny have been generous to other people. Both are well-known among relatives, friends, colleagues and business partners as the helping hands. Therefore, they highly admire the culture adopted by Nu Skin: "Force for Good" and support the Nourish the Children initiative and the Force for Good Foundation.


Henny and Melani realized that they had to serve as positive example for other leaders in the team. Despite being busy running her automotive business, Henny kept investing her time to improve and increase her product knowledge and her ability as a leader. As a successful business person, Henny is so low profile and humble and she adopts a never-ending learning attitude. As a result, Henny is not only highly appreciated by her downlines, but also sidelines. At first, only a few people joined her team with an intention to pay back her kindness and generosity. However, Henny had never given up sharing charity and generosity with them until those people understand her vision. Now, Henny and her leaders share a common goal and vision, namely to become an angel in the life of many people.