Heni Aska Daulika & Kristian

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“Being Low Profile is the Foundation of This Business”


My journey in Nu Skin makes me realize so many things. The more we focus in Nu Skin’s business, the more we grow and learn. Never stop learning and taking action because this business is closely related to duplication. When we stop action, we stop duplication and that is when the business will stop. 


Trust your ability and do not rely on upline or other people. We all were born with talent, it is us to choose whether we want to develop our potential or not. 


Nu Skin’s business has also taught me about being low profile. Besides 3000 GSV, staying low profile is the foundation of this business. Goal, dream, action, and success would have no meaning without this attitude because we do business with other people; friends and relatives, for long term. 


Our success in Nu Skin’s business not because we are great or smart, but because God gives us the right partner who are willing to focus and grow in this business. No matter who we are and what we are, everyone can be successful in Nu Skin. Start with small things and God will grant you responsibility in a big thing. 


Be excel in the products, do personal sales of 3000 GSV, and duplicate it to our partners, and most importantly, stay low profile whatever our title is.