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“Focus to the Goals that We Want to Achieve”


Who would have thought that a casual meeting in a gymnastic studion seven years ago would transform my life. As a housewive with two sons and one daughter, I only dreamt to grow the kids to become a good person and useful for other people. As a high school graduate from Cirebon I never dreamt high in life.


Began with a demo and explanation about bonus that attracted me, I straightly agreed to buy Nu Skin product. This simple step led me to various surprises. I started to invite some friends to introduce them to the opportunity for a better live. I received many rejections. Sometimes when other people’s commitment to grow together in this business changes, I am forced to not easily give up in helping others to get the success that I received with Nu Skin.


Now at the age of 55, my dream does not stop at the stage of Blue Diamond and Million Dollar Circle Member. My short-term goal is to become a part of Team Elite executives. The biggest challenge in to keep focus to the goals that we want to achieve. Don’t give up; if there are many people want to grow in this business, it will help us to achieve the goals fast. No matter what the obstacles are, deal with and overcome them. Never quit.


If someone asks why I stay in this business, the answer is because I am happy. Being with Nu Skin, I am trained to become a good leader who is also able to bring other people to change for better. As we are in the business of anti-aging and beauty industry, we must also be able to motivate other people to look attractive. I hope Indonesian people would want to open their eyes and mind with Nu Skin; not only will they get good products, but also better lives.