“Addicted to Vivid…” Vivid Lipstick Duo

“Addicted to Vivid…”
 Vivid Lipstick Duo



Nu Colour® LightShine Vivid Lipstick - 05 Millionaire Pink x 1 piece

Nu Colour® LightShine Vivid Lipstick - 06 Sunset Cruise x 1 piece


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Product Details

  • Benefits

    Brand new Vivid Lipstick Duo, letting your actual lips shine through

    A classic lipstick LightShine Vivid Lips glides onto your lips resulting in a radiant finish. In shades of gorgeous pink, or a red orange for a pop of colour, the Vivid Lipstick Duo includes two on trend shades - Millionaire Pink and Sunset Cruise.


    High-fidelity full-color lipstick that looks as vivid as it looks


    • Vivid Color Expression: Just one application to reveal the vivid lip color.
    • Long Wear:  Lip color lasts a long time without smearing
    • Velvet Glossy Finishing
    • Coverage: Cover the lip marks by light dispersion powder
    • Mineral Moisture Complex: Four minerals moisturize the lip all day long*
    • Inner Lighting Shining Lips: Reveal shinny lip with ingredients^


    * Four minerals included NaPCA, MgPCA, ZnPCA, MnPCA

    ^ Ingredients included Dipalmitoyl Hydroxyproline; Morus Alba (Mulberry) Bark Extract; Caryodendron Orinocense Seed (Kahai) Oil; and Cassia Angustifolia Seed Polysaccharide