AP24® Anti-plaque Toothbrush

AP24® Anti-plaque Toothbrush

An exclusive AP24® Anti-plaque Toothbrush that works with the oral care system to promote superior dental health care, including the removal and prevention of plaque build-up. The AP24® Anti-Plaque Toothbrush incorporates an exclusive, patented channel bristle technology that helps remove up to 30% more plaque from tooth surfaces. It has been newly upgraded to hand friendly ergonomic design with grip pads.


Packing: 3 pieces in one pack

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Product Details


    1. The first toothbrush on the market with channel bristle technology
    2. Removes up to 30% more plaque
    3. Holds more toothpaste against teeth during brushing
    4. Hand-friendly ergonomic design with grip pads

  • USAGE:

    Use it with toothpaste twice a day or as directed by a dentist or physician.