Tri-Phasic White® Toner

Tri-Phasic White® Toner

For a luminous, even skin tone, NU SKIN Tri-Phasic White® Toner features Fairtrex®, a non-acidic cell renewal complex, which targets discoloration in the expression phase. Also includes carnosine, a powerful antioxidant that helps to prevent new skin discoloration.


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Product Details

  • Benefits
    • Helps soothe skin and reduce the expression of discoloration to reveal a brighter complexion.
    • Fairtrex® targets the expression phase by working to gently shed exisiting pigment from the skin’s surface.  Carnosine works as an anti-oxidant that calms the skin to target the activation phase of skin discoloration.
  • Usage

    Use morning and night. Apply to cleansed face and neck with a cotton pad.

  • Ingredients

    Fairtrex™ – a non-acid exfoliation complex that helps to diminish pigment expression on the surface of the skin by actively removing accumulated skin pigment through chemical exfoliation.
    Carnosine – a powerful antioxidant that calms the skin and targets the activation phase of the skin discoloration process by inhibiting the free induced irritation receptors.