Tri-Phasic White® Night Cream

Tri-Phasic White® Night Cream

Reveal a more brilliant skin tone while you sleep with specially formulated NU SKIN® Tri-Phasic White® Night Cream that features diacetyl boldine.

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Product Details

  • Benefits
    • Nourishes while your sleep, revealing a more brilliant skin tone
    • Features Diacetyl Boldine that can potentially prevent the activation phase of skin discoloration process.
  • Usage

    Use in the evening after applying Tri-Phasic White® Essence. Smooth a moderate amount over face and neck.

  • Ingredients
    Diacetyl boldine – contains a structure that resembles the chemical structures of stress mediators. This similarity allows diacetyl boldine to block the stress receptors, without stimulating the synthesis of melanin. When stress mediators are obstructed from binding, the activation of discoloration is inhibited.