Fiona Yiu & Grace Chien

Fiona Yiu & Grace Chien

One Million Dollar Circle Member & Team Elite - 7 Years


Grace, "Success depends not on your capability, but on your willingness."

Fiona, "A successful person looks for a method; a failed person finds an excuse."

Grace and Fiona had been two typical modern women before joining NU SKIN: Grace operated her family business of electric appliance manufactory and Fiona, a Hong Kong University BBA degree holder, was a business development manager in a large company. What drove them to give up their promising jobs and join NU SKIN? Let's listen to their stories.

"I didn't quite understand direct selling at first, thinking that it was only some trivial business. But then I witnessed Ken Graham, my sponsor, recognized as to be Blue Diamond Executive within a very short period of time and was able to enjoy a carefree life. With admiration and curiosity, I decided to explore the NU SKIN business more seriously," said Grace. NU SKIN made me understand the difference of it from a traditional business. "It is not rare to see someone never be able to recover once he fails in a traditional business. However, the success in NU SKIN is everlasting. Every bit of your effort counts and can be accumulated," Grace pointed out. "The better you manage your business, the more time and financial freedom you will enjoy while at the same time the less stress and risks you will face. This is really the best and ideal business that ever could be." Today, Grace enjoys life fully and spends her past time learning Latin dance. She had even been invited to perform at the Company's event earlier!

Influenced by her mother and impressed by the professional image and the "Force for Good" culture of the Company, Fiona started her NU SKIN business when she was still a university student. Although her subsequent development in the sales and marketing field was fairly successful, it was still her ultimate goal to become an outstanding full-time business partner to help others as well as herself. "NU SKIN brings me all I want!" sharing her experience, she said, "Here, I have my own business and can get rid of the constraints of traditional jobs. I have full control of my own life and have more time with my friends and family." She happily admitted that she can now go traveling or do sports whenever she wants without figuring worriedly how to avoid those crowded days and hours.

In NU SKIN, Grace and Fiona both experienced continuous self-improvement and learned how to communicate with and care about others. Above all, they find it really a blessing to assist partners to succeed. "Through our cultivation and the Company's training, we witnessed the changes of many partners from being ignorant about NU SKIN to becoming real leaders of the Company and make their dreams come true. The satisfaction and fulfillment is simply beyond words!" they said.

As top leaders in many others' eyes, Grace and Fiona's secret of success is unexpectedly simple, "Do it with your heart instead of your words. If it is your mission to help others, you just stick to this belief ,and success will be within reach." Their long-term goal is to further develop 200 Blue Diamond Executives and Team Elites in their network.

Grace and Fiona express their heartfelt gratitude to Ken Graham, their sponsor, and also Tai Chi Kwan, Charissa Lee, Joseph Cheung, Janet Cheung, Philip Cheung, Barry Cheng, Vivian Lee, Perseus Fong, Marin Sit, Renai Pow, Savio Wong, Polly Sze, Ambrose Ngu and Kitty Wei, as well as all their  business partners in the team.