1.  Trainings and Events

(1) Trainings

The objectives of the trainings are to enhance your knowledge on products/business and your skills on products sales, recruiting brand affiliate and expanding your team. You may visit the NU SKIN Official Website and NU Express for details on the trainings offered by the Company.

(2) Events

United States

Event Name:Global Convention

Organizer:Provo, Utah

Descriptions:The Global Convention will be held in the United States in every 18 months. Outstanding brand affiliate from all 53 markets worldwide will gather and share their experience in this occasion and taste the charisma of the international direct selling business. 

Greater China Region

Event Name: NU SKIN Master Forum

Descriptions:We will invite renowned masters or scholars to be our honorable guests and share with us their insights on recent trends.

Event Name:NU SKIN Greater China Regional Convention

Descriptions:Regular celebrating events with workshops, sharing and product information. A great opportunity to equip yourself with professional knowledge and a time to learn about updated news.


Event Name:NU SKIN Success Seminar

Descriptions:Twice a year and a recognition platform for all brand affiliates who have achieved pin advancement, and an opportunity to motivate brand affiliate and further development of the team.


Event Name:NU SKIN Anti-aging EXPO

Descriptions:NU SKIN Anti-aging EXPO would be held in February, May, August and November in NUSKIN Plaza across region. There will be Experience Zone, V Stage and special privileges. You could experience the outstanding anti-aging products of NU SKIN and to feel the NU SKIN culture, and start your NU SKIN business.

2. NU SKIN Hong Kong Official Website


NU SKIN Hong Kong Official Website ( serves you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, providing you the most update information and easy shopping function, which facilitates the development of your NU SKIN business. You could also learn more about NU SKIN here by going through our company origin, history, mission, development, outstanding leaders and scientific advisory board as well as press release etc. This is the best way to know about NU SKIN when sponsoring new friends.


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