Blue Diamond Recognition Policy

Blue Diamond Recognition Policy

Effective January 1, 2015


To be recognized as a Blue Diamond Executive, a qualifying distributor must achieve 12 first-generation qualified breakaway Executives and maintain these for 2 consecutive months.  A qualified breakaway Executive is an Executive that is paid as Executive through Blue Diamond or a Provisional Executive (Pexec) or Demoting Executive (Dexec) that has a breakaway that is paid as Executive through Blue Diamond.  Pexecs or Dexecs that do not have a breakaway as described herein are not considered qualified breakaway Executives.


Being recognized as a Blue Diamond Executive (as outlined above) differs from being paid as a Blue Diamond under the terms of the Sales Compensation Plan.  For payment eligibility questions, please reference the Sales Compensation Plan materials in your market.


Q: If I started the BD qualification in Dec 2014, may I continue to follow the previous rules of 2014 in Jan 2015?

A: If the first month of qualification is Dec. 2014, distributors can use the 2014 rules (that is, count a maximum of 2 combined Pexec&Dexec in G1 breakaway) for their second month of qualification in Jan 2015.