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A letter showing a Distributor’s intention to become an Executive.  A Distributor can submit a formal LOI to the Company when,  


1. In the LOI month, LOl Qualifiers must have at least 500PSV and 1,000GSV, and have joined an 18-month   Automatic Re-ordering Program (ARO) *

*Distributors who have joined an  18-month ARO Program, must make an  ARO order  for products of  50PSV or above each month.

2.During the qualifying period, maintain at least 100PSV and 1,000GSV per month  and complete an ARO order transaction of 50PSV or above each month.

3.Accumulate 6,000GSV within the qualifying period

Distributors who meet the above 3 requirements during the qualifying period will be promoted to Executive in the next month



If a downline Distributor submits a LOl while you are qualifying, you can count his/her GSV in his/her LOl month towards your accumulated 6,000GSV for the qualitication; however, maximum 2,000GSV can be encumbered from each LOl leg (Only applicable to the month in which your downline submits a LOl)

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