Visible Risk from Resale of Import Overseas Products (2018.10.26)

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Visible Risk from Resale of Import Overseas Products

October 26, 2018


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Buying and selling overseas goods has been big congregation sought after during recent years. However, the risks of buying and importing goods from overseas markets to domestic resale are visible! As a NU SKIN Brand Affiliate (Distributor), we should obey government decrees and understand NU SKIN Policies and Procedures for overseas products. Now let's look at Tracy's experience to remind you whether you have a similar situation with your team partner. Well done if there is not exist; Correct it as soon as possible if there is exist.


Jack: Morning Tracy! I heard that your cousin in the United States has also joined your downline team and become a NU SKIN Brand Affiliate (Distributor)!

Tracy: Yes, she is the first overseas Brand Affiliate (Distributor) I sponsored. I really look forward to working with her on the NU SKIN business. I find that Hong Kong consumers are very welcome towards foreign health and beauty products. Now through cooperate with my cousin, I will be able to attract more customers with the slogan of ‘Direct delivery US NU SKIN Products.’

Jack: Do you import US NU SKIN products through your cousin and resell them to customers in Hong Kong? No, No, No, this behavior completely against the NU SKIN Policies and Procedures and violates Hong Kong/Macao import and export relevant laws and regulations!

Tracy: How come? I remember that the NU SKIN Policies and Procedures allow Brand Affiliates (Distributors) to conduct international business in approved markets.

Jack: Hey! NU SKIN does allow Brand Affiliates (Distributors) to sponsor new Brand Affiliates (Distributors) in approved operating markets outside the market of origin in accordance with the International Sponsor Agreement but purchasing overseas products can only be used for personal use or for demonstration purposes. You cannot arbitrarily use the overseas products including brought them back to HK for resale.

Tracy: Wow, I don’t have any idea about this!


Tracy: It seems that I think things are too simple.
Jack: It’s not too late to find out now.

Although you cannot import and resale US products in Hong Kong/Macao through your cousin’s cooperation, but you can guide her to cultivate the local market in the United States and make the NU SKIN business a success.
Tracy: You are right! I am going to work out my NU SKIN business plan, thank you so much, Jack.


Attached appendixes:

NU SKIN Policies and Procedures

Chapter 2, section 3.11 Retailing of Products 

“(a) You may only resell Products in your Resident Market. The Products you resell must also be purchased from the Company in your Resident Market, and you may not resell Products in your Resident Market that you acquire from the Company in a Non-Resident Market.”


Chapter 4, section 3.3 The International Sponsor Agreement

“When you sign an International Sponsor Agreement; the Company grants to you the right to sponsor new Distributors in an Authorized Market other than your Resident Market. The International Sponsor Agreement does not grant to you the right to market Products in any Authorized Market other than your Resident Market.”


Distributor and International Sponsor Agreement-Hong Kong/Macau

5. Purchase of NU SKIN Products in Non-Resident Markets

“I agree that I may purchase NU SKIN Products in a Non-Resident Market only from NSI’s affiliated company designated as the exclusive wholesale distributor in that Non-Resident Market. I further agree that (i) I may only purchase NU SKIN Products in a Non-Resident Market for personal use or to demonstrate to potential new distributors, and that I will not resell them, (ii) I have not, and will not, either directly or indirectly, sell or distribute any NU SKIN Products in a Non-Resident Market, and (iii) I will comply with all applicable laws regarding the purchase of NU SKIN Products in a Non-Resident Market.”


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