You Are Seen as Our Family Member, Because We Are All in NU SKIN Family (2016.11.18)

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You Are Seen as Our Family Member, Because We Are All in NU SKIN Family

November 18, 2016

Dear NU SKIN business partners, when you build the NU SKIN business with perseverance out in the market, a group of NU SKIN corporate staff provides service and all rounded business and administrative support in your back constantly. NU SKIN also understands that our business partners may encounter obstacles in building the business occasionally or because of some personal issues in result triggering the emotions that may have harassed the Company’s corporate staff verbally. Each business partner may refer to the below 2 cases and review if we crossed the line unconsciously.


(1) Public Annoyance

Sara works in NU SKIN Plaza as a specialist in Experience Excellence. She would like to serve each business partner and customer with her smiley face. However, Sara just went through a very unpleasant experience lately, and she has no idea what to do…

Business Partner, Jack: Why no Marine Mud is on the product shelf?

Sara: We are sorry. Marine Mud becomes a hot selling item recently, so it is out of stock. Our warehouse is now working on restocking the product.

Business Partner, Jack: Out of stock! Why the Company’s product is always out of stock!

Sara: We are sorry, sir. You may leave your contact information to us. I will notify you in a minute when it is restocked. Otherwise, you may preorder the product via the Internet first.

Business Partner, Jack: Are you carrying your brain to work? Or is your brain contains nothing? I am going to overseas tomorrow, and my wife has told me that I have to buy the Marine Mud today. What should I do with no stock now…


Sara: Sir, we are sincerely sorry about that…

Business Partner, Jack: As you have no idea how to solve my problem, please call your supervisor out! What a waste of time!

Sara:…(Sara feels uncomfortable, but Sara won’t tell)



(2) Continuous Telephone Harassment

Jessie is the educator of Product Opportunity Education in the Company. She holds a master degree in Nutrition and she has a well and thorough understanding of the efficacy and usage of the NU SKIN supplement products. She would like each business partner & customer to use the Company’s products with no worries through her profession. However, Jessie has continuously experienced verbal harassment in recent and it was hard for her to talk about it…

Jessie: Hello, do you have any inquiry on product usage that may need my consultation?

Business Partner, Jason: There’s one thing which disturbs me a lot lately.

Jessie: May I know what is the concern?

Business Partner, Jason: I noticed myself couldn’t sleep at night since I start taking the R2.

Jessie: This could be the reaction at the initial stage of taking the product, I advise you could …

Business Partner, Jason: I couldn’t sleep because the lower part of my body keeps blasting off.

Jessie: …(Jessie feels uncomfortable, but Jessie won’t tell)



NU SKIN’s Code of Conduct for its staff regulates that “NU SKIN commits to providing its staff a fair working environment from harassment, intimidation and abuse. Any forms of harassment would not be tolerated in NU SKIN; any unpleasant sexual relationship, requirement of sex, and any physical, verbal or visual sex- related acts and behaviors in its nature would be strictly forbidden.” The Policies and Procedures for business partners also specifies that “Distributors must operate their Distributorship in an ethical, professional, and courteous manner.” Regardless of whether you are a business partner or the corporate staff, we are all in the NU SKIN family. The corporate staff always sees you as family. We work perpetually for helping your success in the NU SKIN business and achieving our common goal. The Company sincerely welcomes you to provide any suggestions and advice because it’s the motive for improvement. If you are not in a pleasant mood, you may go calm and soothe your emotion first. Please avoid using provocative or inappropriate verbal language to the staff. As long as we all create a smile with our heart, and unanimously, we will understand one another. Therefore, your smile is definitely the utter affirmation and encouragement to us.


Policies and Procedures of NU SKIN regulates as in below:

Chapter 2- Operating Your Business

Section 1.3: General Ethics

(Excerpt) “You must operate your Distributorship in an ethical, professional, and courteous manner…”

Section 2 of Sex Discrimination Ordinance (Chapter 480) in Hong Kong

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