Can Internet information be forwarded at a whim? (2016.9.23)

Can Internet information be forwarded at a whim?

September 23, 2016

Every business partner, did you ever forward news without being verified by the official party in your past experience? Did you follow others to forward incorrect information merely because you see many Internet users publish and share wrong information on the social media platforms? Business partner, Tracy, did not verify the authenticity of the forwarding information with the Company and it caused the following misfortune happened…

While seeing some exciting and encouraging news, business partners, in no time, will forward and share to their friends and partners. However, we have to know that the internet is full of false and incorrect information so we have to be careful before we forward any information. If you doubt the truthfulness of a piece of information, please check with the Company immediately. In fact, NU SKIN publishes company information through different social media platforms regularly. It would be sheltered for business partners to only forward the information shared by Company.