Online Selling, Yes or No? (2016.9.9)

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Online Selling, Yes or No?

September 9, 2016

2016 NU SKIN Greater China Academy officially starts in late September. In order to help business partners in the team to seize this learning opportunity, Max invited Tracy and other qualified partners to the pre-meeting at NU SKIN Plaza.

After the meeting, Max saw what was in Tracy’s bag, feeling strange…

“Tracy, aren’t those overseas products in your bag bought when we travelled together few months ago? Why did you bring them here?” Max asked with confusion.

“I am planning to sell them online! ”Tracy replied anxiously.

Listening to Tracy’s response, Max knew something was wrong. Tracy has been absent from company and team activities ever since last month. For this pre-meeting, Max had persuaded Tracy for a while before she promised to join. Even though Tracy’s sale record has always been stable, as Tracy’s upline, Max felt like she has to be a good model, and also understands partners’ needs and helps them when they encounter difficulties.

After learning the incident, Max reminded Tracy the correct way to operate NU SKIN business.

“Tracy, do you know that business partners are not allowed to sell products online? Every NU SKIN business partner needs to comply with company’s Policies and Procedures which is an important contract instructing us how to operate NU SKIN business in compliance.”

“The products that I am planning to sell online are those I couldn’t consume only by myself. It should be fine!” Tracy questioned.

“That is not allowed either.” Max answered firmly.

“Neither local nor overseas company products can be sold online, including but not limited to auction website. Many of our partners now understand that utilizing social media to promote NU SKIN can be a huge push for business. They all started using different social media platforms to share and promote NU SKIN. But please remember to comply with the three principles ‘Be Real’, ‘Be Wise’ and ‘Be Connected’ of NU SKIN Social Media Guidelines. Never sell NU SKIN products through social media. Regarding the violation of online sale, company always handles it strictly and imposes proper disciplinary actions to violators.”

“Can business partners buy products from overseas market?”

“Yes, you can. If business partners go to overseas, they can go to the local NU SKIN company to purchase products. However, these overseas products can only be used by distributors  themselves or for the purpose of product demonstration. Partners should first study the laws of import and export, tariff, tax and other related legal regulations of different countries. If partners import even sell overseas products, which may violate Hong Kong or Macau law, without authorization, they may face lawsuits and even ruin company’s reputation. We must be careful about that.”

“I understand completely! I must comply with company’s regulations and discover the best me!” Tracy nodded and replied.

Dear business partners, in order to maintain fairness and order of market, company has always been committed to combatting unauthorized online sale behavior. In the story, with team leader Max’s guidance, Tracy understood that selling NU SKIN products online was a kind of violation and received company’s disciplinary punishment. Besides, partners should avoid purchasing overseas market products exceeding the amount of personal use. As Max mentioned, overseas products can only be served as personal use or product demonstration. They cannot be brought back to Hong Kong or Macau or other markets for sale.

Extracted from NUSKIN Policies & Procedures in below
Chapter 2 Operating Your Business
3.11 Retailing of Products
(a) You may only resell Products in your Resident Country.  The Products you resell must also be purchased from the Company in your Resident Country, and you may not resell Products in your Resident Country that you acquire from the Company in a Non-Resident Country.
(b) When you execute your Distributor Agreement incorporated with an International Sponsor Agreement, you are granted the right to purchase Products in a Non-Resident Country. You may only purchase Products in a Non-Resident Country for personal use or to demonstrate the Products for potential new Distributors. You cannot resell Products in a Non-Resident Country. You may be subject to additional requirements for a specific country or market.

Chapter 3 Advertising
7.6 Internet Selling
Products may be sold on the internet only through Company websites and may not be sold through Distributor websites of any kind or any other form of internet use, including internet video and audio, social networking sites, social media and applications, and other sites that have content based on user participation and user generated content, forums, message boards, blogs, wikis and podcasts (e.g., Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Wikipedia, Flickr).


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