How Should We Save the Boat of Friendship?

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How Should We Save the Boat of Friendship?

August 19, 2016

Dear business partners, here’s another ethic comics! In our last issue, we shared a story between a business partner and a customer - many websites used NU SKIN’s name and trademark without authorization, causing customers lacking confidence to join NU SKIN. In this issue, we will continue sharing stories which may happen to other business partners while developing NU SKIN business. We hope everyone can sail the boat of friendship, so that it won’t capsize easily.

After reading the friendship wrecking stories above, some business partners may already be in tears. But don’t worry, there are solutions. How? As long as everybody complies with the NU SKIN’s Policies and Procedures, taking ethic leadership as their responsibilities, the friendly relationship with customers can last long. Your large ship of business can surely set sail and ride the winds and break the waves, landing on the target shore successfully.

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