Understand and Comply with Regulations while Promoting Everyone will DISCOVER THE BEST YOU®

Understand and Comply with Regulations while Promoting Everyone will DISCOVER THE BEST YOU®

August 12, 2016

Who is your world champion, ‘the flying fish’ in Asia or Prince charming in your mind? We believe that many people would think of the swimmer Ning Zetao who has been gaining popularity recently. Business partners who participated in 2016 NU SKIN Greater China Regional Convention witnessed Mr. Truman Hunt, President and Chief Executive Officer of NU SKIN Enterprises, officially announcing that Ning Zetao has become the very first Youth Ambassador of NU SKIN in order to support future branding upgrade and market development in Greater China. Ning’s striving, youthful and never giving up image lively interpret the spirit of NU SKIN – DISCOVER THE BEST YOU®.
Now, our business partners who love using social media to share NU SKIN surely would want to know: Ning Zetao becoming NU SKIN’s very first Youth Ambassador can help us to promote the development of NU SKIN business. Can I post related information online? The Q&A below can answer your doubts:
Q: Can business partners promote NU SKIN business using Ning Zetao’s photos or related information on social media like Facebook and Instagram? Is there any restriction?
A: Yes, if the photos are published by NU SKIN official channel, but only under these 3 conditions:

1. Pictures, videos and written content published by NU SKIN official website, WeChat and Weibo can be used and spread given that they are not further modified or edited.

2. Ning Zetao’s identity of NU SKIN Youth Ambassador can only be used while promoting brand spirit of NU SKIN (DISCOVER THE BEST YOU) and life fit campaigns.

3. Ning Zetao’s identity of NU SKIN Charity Ambassador can only be used while promoting the culture of NU SKIN Force for Good and the community project of GC Children’s Heart Fund of NU SKIN.


Q: What kinds of behaviors are not allowed when NU SKIN business partners are using the photos or related information of Ning Zetao officially published by NU SKIN?
A: The following actions are not allowed under all conditions:

1. Claiming that Ning Zetao uses or recommends NU SKIN products or runs NU SKIN business.
2. Putting Ning Zetao’s image and NU SKIN products in the same frame or any direct correlation.

3. Correlating unauthorized Ning Zetao’s image and NU SKIN in any way.

4. Giving comments or statements in Ning Zetao’s name.

5. Editing pictures, videos or writings officially published by NU SKIN.

6. Claiming that Ning Zetao gives comments or statements representing NU SKIN.

Q: Is there any restriction on the period of using information regarding Ning Zetao including photos, videos and writings that are officially published by NU SKIN?
A: Due to contract reason, using information regarding Ning Zetao for the use of compliant promotion is limited from now on until March 31, 2018. In case there is any change, be sure to look out for any update published by NU SKIN through any channel.
Q: Pictures of celebrities using NU SKIN products have already been circulating on the Internet. Why can’t business partners share these pictures?

First of all, we are not sure whether those pictures are authentic or not. With the advanced technology nowadays, altering or modifying photo is not impossible.

Secondly, we are not sure whether the information itself has been exaggerated before we receive the pictures.

Thirdly, the person concerned may not allow other people to use his/ her photos for the purpose of promotion. Lastly, celebrities themselves may be the spokespersons of other products; using their photos to promote products from other brands may exploit their benefits.

Therefore, NU SKIN once again would like to remind you not to use unapproved third party pictures, celebrity endorsements or literature to promote the products or business so that your NU SKIN business can grow steadily.
We believe that our business partners now clearly understand how to use the information of Ning Zetao being NU SKIN Youth Ambassador while promoting. Please utilize the information in compliance with the guidelines published by NU SKIN so as to receive good promotion benefits and to develop NU SKIN business steadily. Ning did not let failure defeat him and won championship because of his perseverance towards his dream. He still wants to constantly exceed himself to discover the best you. We should set him as a role model and always remember the original intention, goals and dreams when we first joined NU SKIN. Never give up on the road of NU SKIN; understand and comply with the regulations to operate your business. We shall meet at the summit. Everyone can discover the best you.