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Social Media Guideline (PART III) –
Be Connected on Internet Use

May 13, 2016


Tracy: Hi Tony! Previously, you shared with me the two principles of NU SKIN Social Media Guidelines, namely “Be Real” and “Be Wise”. Today can you share with me the remaining content?


Tony: Sure. At the first time, we mentioned the principle of  "Be Real", which means that we have to be real when we share our identity, the information of NU SKIN product and the story why we joined NU SKIN. In the second sharing, we talked about the principle of “Be Wise”, which means that we have to share the effect of products, official information correctly and to comply with the terms and conditions of the web platform. This time, I want to share with you the third principle --- "Be Connected".


Tracy: What does "Be Connected" mean?


Tony: In simple words, it means that you can establish contacts through the Internet or social media platforms with friends to expand your social circle, extend your influence online and develop your ability to build your business. Besides, you can communicate with them actively and positively on the topic of NU SKIN and establish meaningful relationships with your online friends.


Tracy: How do we “Be Connected”?


Tony: For example, you can post delicious food, beautiful scenery and nice article or photos of your participation in various activities which can highlight your taste and positive attitude towards life in order to attract others’ attention and willingness to add you as a friend, thus facilitating networking. In addition, you can also send some posts of Chicken Soup for the Soul, which not only can encourage others, but also can achieve the goal of team cohesion.


Tracy: What do we need to pay attention when we share this kind of content?


Tony: You remind me. There are several points we need to note. Firstly, we cannot post the pictures and information that would contravene any laws and regulations. Secondly, we cannot post pictures and information related to religion, pornography, politics, immorality and violence. Thirdly, we must not abuse, belittle, insult, attack, provoke others or harass others by sending information to them repeatedly.


Tracy: I got it! We should attract new friends and stay connected with existing friends through the positive and high-quality posts. It will facilitate our business promotion when our network and connection grow.


Tony: Yes, you're so smart that you get the points so fast. I've shared with you all three principles of NU SKIN Social Media Guidelines. Remember to follow these principles when you share on social media about NU SKIN!


Tracy: Thank you for sharing, I will remember and make good use of social media with compliance with the NU SKIN Social Media Guidelines, as well as conducting NU SKIN business prudently.

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