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Social Media Part II
Be Wise on Internet Sharing

April 8, 2016

Tracy: Hi Tony! You shared with me the Social Media Guidelines which NU SKIN launched last time. The contents we shared on the internet must be real. Can you share with me other rules that we must comply with today?


Tony: Sure, no problem. Last time we mentioned one of the three principles of using the internet or the social media platforms 'Be Real', including to share our identities, the information of NU SKIN products and also the real story of why we joined NU SKIN. In addition to the principle of be real, let’s talk about the second part of the social media guidelines, which is be wise on the internet sharing.


Tracy: Be wise? What is ‘Be Wise’? Could you explain it in detail?


Tony: ‘Be Wise’ is the second principle of NU SKIN Social Media Guidelines. In brief, the pictures and contents you share on the internet or social media platforms have to comply with the local law, NU SKIN Social Media Guidelines and the terms and conditions of each social media platform.


Tracy: Then what should we do to make sure that the contents we share conform to the principle of ‘Be Wise’?


Tony: Let me sum up the three key points for your reference. Firstly, we should avoid using unauthorized third party’s pictures, celebrity endorsements or literatures to promote products or business. Secondly, we should not claim that our products can diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases, or exaggerate their effects. Thirdly, we should not post any information on social media without NU SKIN’s confirmation and approval.


Tracy: The regulations on the Social Media Guidelines are not very loose. How should we promote to achieve an effective promotion without violating the principle of Being Wise?


Tony: In fact, it’s not difficult to share product information in a compliant way because we ourselves are the best spokespersons of the company’s products. For example, we should not make any unlawful medical claims or exaggerated claims. We can share our or our friends’ after-use reviews on social media platform under the condition that our sharing complies with the product claims in NU SKIN marketing materials. Further, we can forward the information and pictures posted on different official media platforms by NU SKIN to our social media platforms in order to avoid quoting and sharing the information of unknown origins on the internet…


Tracy: Oh I get it now! Actually, we are the best NU SKIN spokespersons. We should use social media platform wisely and in a real and compliant way so that others can see our changes.


Tony: Tracy, you are smart that you can catch the point of my sharing so fast! As long as you comply with NU SKIN Social Media Guidelines and use the social media in a compliant way, it will not only help you develop your business opportunity, but also minimize the potential risk of the articles you posted.


Tracy: Thanks Tony! Other than ‘Be Real’ and ‘Be Wise’, what does ‘Be Connected’ mean?


Tony: Haha… like last time, we look forward to the next issue. To be continued.


After the sharing of the last and present articles, we believe that our business partners now understand the importance of these two principles ---‘Be Real’ and ‘Be Wise’ when sharing articles on the social media platforms. As for how to strengthen the connection through social media, please watch out for the article in the next issue!

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