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Being Real on the Internet Sharing; Making Good on the Proper Use (PART I)

With internet being more popular, many people post their daily activities on the social media platforms to share with their friends. To embrace the advent of the digital era, NU SKIN published the social media guidelines in early January 2016, and hope our business partners can expand their social network to develop their own personal network through the use of different social media platforms and share their own experience in using NU SKIN products and their lives after running NU SKIN business so as to attract people’s attention and interest and help them to build and develop NU SKIN business. To help our business partners to have better understanding  of the social media guidelines, please note the conversations between the following two business partners to learn more about how to have real and compliant sharing on the internet or the social media platforms.

Tracy: Tony, what are you reading? Is it the information about social media?
Tony: Yes. I am reading the new social media guidelines published by NU SKIN and learning how to share my product experience online in a compliant way. Now is the era of the internet, President and Chief Executive Officer of NU SKIN Enterprises, Mr. Truman Hunt, also expressed in the 2015 Global Convention that the internet has been changing the way people interact. If I don’t follow this trend and learn proactively, how can I develop the NU SKIN business in a more efficient way?

Tracy: You are right! Whenever I go to a nice restaurant, I always take some pictures of the cuisine, upload to the social media platforms and share with my friends. I occasionally write a few dining reviews and share with my friends. I’ve found that more people start following my posts and pictures recently, and I have made new friends too.
Tony: Yes, so I have recently started to upload pictures of my experience in using NU SKIN products to different social media platforms for sharing.
Tracy: Any regulations to be complied with on product sharing on the internet?
Tony: Sure. Our sharing has to be real!
Tracy: What is considered to be real? Can you elaborate more?

Tony: Certainly! I can give you some examples for your reference. First of all, we have to explicitly assert who we are. In my case, if I want my friends to know that I am running NU SKIN business, I would explicitly assert that I am an independent distributor of NU SKIN on the social media; Secondly, I would share my real product experience in a compliant way. How to share product efficacy in a real and compliant manner? I would give product introduction according to the product efficacy published in the Company’s marketing materials and share my real product experience and feeling to attract people’s interest in compliance with the laws and regulations of the local market. For example, I feel that the texture of a particular product of the Company makes me feel comfortable and is easy for my skin to absorb and thus let me become more beautiful and have more confident; Thirdly, I will share my own real NU SKIN story. Why I would become an independent distributor of NU SKIN and how I started building my own team and business  and what I  have gained from this experience etc.

Tracy: I’ve found that some people posted artists or celebrities’ pictures and articles of using NU SKIN products on different social media platforms, is it ok?
Tony: Of course not! No matter artists or celebrities, if we use other people’s pictures and articles of using NU SKIN products without their prior authorization, it is still regarded as a violation, and we cannot casually say a certain star or celebrity likes or recommends NU SKIN products.
Tracy: I got it! We should share from our heart, to show people the real us on the social media platform.

Tony: You are right. The introduction of social media guidelines aim at guiding us to expand our own network and friends. As long as we continuously share what we love in a compliant way, we will certainly bring positive impact to the people around us imperceptibly and attract more people to contact us.
Tracy: Absolutely agreed. But I saw the information says besides being real, we have to be wise and be connected, what do they mean?
Tony: I would love to tell you more but not this time. Let me explain it to you in more details next time. To be continued~

Through the conversation of Tony and Tracy, have our business partners understood more about how to share their personal experience on the internet platforms in a real and compliant manner? Apart from being real, we have to comply with the principles of being wise and being connected as well. How can we use the social media platforms wisely to enhance our connections with others? Please watch out for the educational article in next issue!

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