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Prior Authorization is a MUST

NU SKIN business partners have always been devoted to providing considerate and the best services to customers and other partners. NU SKIN business partners have also introduced NU SKIN’s rewarding business opportunities, innovative products, and an enriching, uplifting culture to new partners, in order to help more partners to improve their quality of lives and achieve their dreams and goals towards success. However, in commercial society nowadays, some business partners are faced with the situation that they can hardly spare time to go to Nu Skin Plaza to purchase products because of the hectic and busy  working lives. Our thoughtful business partners would therefore often place the orders for their downlines so as to save their time. However, they would neglect relevant regulations occasionally and violate NU SKIN Policies & Procedures imprudently. Below are two cases to share:


Case 1

Shirley had a customer who wanted to purchase products. Without thinking it through thoroughly, Shirley used her downline Katy’s distributor account to place the order without Katy’s consent and sold the products to the customer. Shirley thought that she should have the rights to place orders in Katy’s distributor account because Katy was introduced by her to join NU SKIN. Katy realized that her account had been used after receiving the product order confirmation email  from NU SKIN. What is the right thing that Shirley should do?


Ethics Leader’s analysis: Although Katy was introduced by Shirley to join NU SKIN as a distributor, the distributor account is exclusively owned and used by the account holder. If Shirley wants to place orders in her downline, Katy’s account, she needs to obtain the prior written authorization from Katy.


Case 2

Cammy had obtained her downline, Kelly’s prior written authorization to place orders in Kelly’s distributor account. However, Cammy was not available to go to Nu Skin Plaza, so she asked Ben, who was going to Nu Skin Plaza, to help place the order in Kelly’s account. Did Cammy and Ben’s behaviors violate any policies/ regulations?


Ethics Leader’s analysis: Both Cammy and Ben acted inappropriately. Firstly, Kelly only authorized Cammy to place orders in her account, but she did not authorize Ben. Thus, Cammy is the only person who could place order in Kelly’s account and Ben could not do so.  Secondly, distributor account number is personal information. Cammy should not disclose Kelly’s distributor account number to Ben. This involves improper disclosure of other’s personal information and may breach the law.


Have you encountered the above situations? Now we all know what to do when the same situation happens. Helping others is a virtue but we need to know how to protect our own rights and interests while helping others. Remember to obtain prior written authorization before handling business for others!



Please refer to the relevant provision(s) in the Policies and Procedures and the Laws of Hong Kong as below:

Chapter 2 Operating Your Business

Section 3.7: Submitting Orders in the Name of Another Distributor

"You are prohibited from submitting orders in the name of another Distributor without the other Distributor’s prior written approval. You must provide a copy of written approvals to the Company upon request."


Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Chapter 486)

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