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Don’t Sell Overseas Products
Build a High Quality Business Environment Together

Katie: Tony, come and have a look! Why are there some links for the sales of overseas products? If everyone buys the products online, business environment will not be good.  How can we develop our team properly?

Tony: Let me see! People are really selling overseas products…not only through the auction sites but also the social networking sites…This will be a huge blow to those who develop the business seriously like us. What can we do? Should we also set up some overseas accounts to order overseas products and sell the products online?  This may help us to achieve our sales volumes requirements quicker. We don’t need to make invitations every day, or do product demonstrations and follow-ups ….

Katie: I don’t think it’s appropriate. As a distributor of the Company, we should comply with the provisions of the Company’s Policies and Procedures. Further, I personally don’t want to create a vicious cycle and set up overseas accounts to buy overseas products and then sell those products through unauthorized Internet channels. Firstly, doing so would give no protection to the consumers. Nobody will follow up if consumers have problems on the products purchased from the internet.  This may indirectly affect the reputation of the brand of the Company; secondly, there would be serious impacts for us distributors also. It will be more difficult for us to invite and recruit new business partners. We’d better be practical and invite people, do product demonstrations and follow up, which are the ultimate key to secure business development.

Tony: Let’s find our upline, Mary, and tell her about the situation we encounter and seek her advice!

Katie: Mary, we found that some distributors have set up overseas dummy accounts and sold the overseas products online. It hits us in a bad way. What do you think? Is there any way to stop this kind of method which harms the market practice?

Mary: There are a few links and activities online which really violate the provisions of the Company’s Policies and Procedures, especially those auction and social networking sites. In order to seek quick success and to obtain bonuses and other rewards in a short time, a few distributors set up dummy overseas accounts to purchase products and ship these overseas products to the local market and sell the products to the consumers through unauthorized ways and channels. As I have just mentioned, these are only temporary benefits, and their actions violate the provisions of the Company’s Policies and Procedures. The Company takes this seriously and will investigate and take appropriate disciplinary actions against those accounts in violation. In the worst case, the offender’s distributorship may be terminated. Therefore, we need to do our duty, work hard and develop a team with compliance to build a high quality business environment together.

Tony: If we notice any violations, can we report to the Company?

Mary: Sure. You can send an email to to report any violation case. Certainly, you will need to provide your basic contact information so that the Company can contact you for more information when needed.

Tony & Katie: So, let’s not set up overseas dummy account and not sell overseas products.  Let’s build a high quality business environment with the Company together!

*Please refer to the followings for the relevant sections of the Policies and Procedures of NU SKIN or contact Ethics Leadership:
Chapter 1 Your Distributorship
1.2: One Individual per Distributorship
3.4: One Distributorship per Individual


Chapter 2 Operating Your Business
3.3: Inventory and the 80 Percent Rule
3.7: Submitting Orders in the Name of Another Distributor
3.11: Retailing of Products


Chapter 3 Advertising
7.1 Use of the Internet in Distributor Business
7.2: Permitted Internet Activities
7.6: Internet Selling

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