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Make Good Use of Social Media Platforms
Never Exaggerate Product’s Efficacies

Under the rapid development of the global network, Internet has completely changed people’s mode of interaction. Online forums, video websites (e.g. Youtube), blogs, Facebook, Instagram and instant messaging tools such as Line, Wechat and Whatsapp etc. have become an internet platform for interaction which people exchange their experience of daily lives, share information and resources, and as known as “Social Media”.


Immediacy and interactivity of Social Media brings tremendous convenience for interpersonal connection. This coincides with the connection between NU SKIN business and interpersonal network. Therefore, in order to help more people develop NU SKIN business, our President and Chief Executive Officer of NU SKIN Enterprises, Mr. Truman Hunt announced to embrace the Internet era in the Global Convention this year publicly, hoping more people understand NU SKIN through social networking sites and digital technology. NU SKIN expects and encourages our business partners, in compliance with relevant regulations, to make good use of social media for promoting NU SKIN business opportunities to attract more young people’s attention. NU SKIN will launch the Social Media Guidelines and Regulations to help everyone to boost the business. Are our business partners prepared to make good use of the social media platforms?  The following 3 points on Social Media behavior will help you to show your personal strengths and styles, build your exclusive personal branding images to advance your NU SKIN business.


1. Be Real
To show your unique personality and do not copy other person. If you want people to continue to read your posts and communicate with you through social media, please avoid any sales promotion of NU SKIN products in the posts. Your posts should focus on understanding, sharing and running back over your personal stories. Remember not to brag about your accomplishments and never disclose your personal earnings as a NU SKIN distributor.   

2. Be Wise
In compliance with the Social Media Guidelines and Regulations published by NU SKIN will help you expand your business and minimize the potential risks of the published posts. In particular,  using the social media to promote overseas NU SKIN’s products which are not selling in NU SKIN’s HK/ Macau market, exaggerating the products’ efficacies or making any inappropriate product claims will impact your sustainable development of NU SKIN business and NU SKIN’s reputation seriously. Therefore, we extracted a few points from the Social Media Guidelines and Regulations which are not allowed on product claims on social media as below:


  • Do not use the unauthorized pictures of third party, celebrity endorsements or literature to promote the products or business of NU SKIN
  • Do not claim or imply that our products may help or able to diagnosis, treat, cure or prevent any disease or other medical conditions, or imply a result that is different from our approved marketing claims or that the product cured your own disease and/or other’s disease
  • Do not make claims on a product that are not listed on Nu Skin’s website or in Nu Skin marketing materials applicable to your region or market
  • Do not use unauthorized pictures, celebrity endorsements, literature, videos or materials to promote NU SKIN’s products — testimonials must comply with the testimonial guidelines and laws and regulations of each market


3. Be Connected
Communicating with others through positive messages help you build your network.

Details of the Social Media Guidelines and Regulations will be further announced, stay tuned! Here is a friendly reminder, no matter before or after the launch of the Social Media Guidelines and Regulations, you still have to comply with all the provisions of Internet Policy in the Policies and Procedures. Let’s look forward to the coming of social media era and NU regulations to further advance our NU SKIN business!

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