NU SKIN Family, Let’s Create a Sustainable Business Environment Together

All NU SKIN business partners are family members of NU SKIN. Our upline and downline relationship is like a  family which cannot be broken up or changed easily. In addition, we develop a friendship like family as we share the same goal, support each other and fight for goal of success hand in hand. We are NU SKIN family that each team is very important where every member is an integral part to the NU SKIN family.


Therefore, we should understand that every business partner is recommended by his/her sponsor to join NU SKIN, and the sponsor and the uplines spend time, effort and hard work to the lead business partners to build their business and grow, so we should always be grateful and cannot transfer to other team arbitrarily. The key of having a successful NU SKIN business is based on helping other business partners to succeed. When uplines assist downlines to achieve goal of success, the uplines’s NU SKIN business will grow at the same time. Thus, encouraging, training and guiding the distributors who were sponsored by the uplines themselves to develop a long-term and stable NU SKIN business is the uplines’ inevitable responsibility; in the course of running NU SKIN business, everyone should respect the rights and benefits of others and develop NU SKIN business in a fair manner, so as to win others’ respect and maintain a harmonious relationship with others and between different teams. "Enticement" or "Line Switching" is often one of the reasons that a team is unable to develop successfully. Each business partner can become a sponsor. If your downline can change his/her sponsor arbitrarily, your team could easily be collapsed, just like that a building of masterpiece could not be built if any of its brick or tile was taken away.


In order to maintain the principle of fairness for NU SKIN business, the stability of the teams and a sustainable business environment, NU SKIN would like to remind business partners again, you cannot arbitrarily transfer to other teams, and please make sure the person you approach is not an existing distributor while you are recruiting or approaching new partners, to avoid being misunderstood as soliciting others to transfer to a different team.  


Please refer to the Policies and Procedures below for relevant rules or contact our Sustainable Leadership Advancement Department for more information:
Section 3 of Chapter 1 : Maintaining Your Distributorship Account
3.3 Starting a Distributorship under a New Sponsor
When the Company concludes that an inappropriate Sponsor change has occurred or has been solicited, the second-in-time Distributorship may be returned to and be merged with the first-in-time Distributorship and the Company may pursue other remedies listed in Chapter 6 of the Policies and Procedures.

Section 2 of Chapter 4: Responsibilities of a Sponsor
2.1 Training of Downline Organization
You must supervise, train, support, and have on-going communication with (i) any Distributor that you sponsor, and (ii) your Downline Organization in a manner consistent with the terms of the Contract. Your responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
(a) Provide regular retail sales and organizational training, guidance, and encouragement to your Downline Organization;
(b) Exercise your best efforts to make sure that all Distributors in your Downline Organization properly understand and comply with the terms and conditions of the Contract and applicable national and local laws, ordinances, and regulations;
(c) Intervene in any disputes arising between a customer and any of your Downline Organization and attempt to resolve the disputes promptly and amicably;
(d) Maintain contact with your Downline Organization and be available to answer questions;
(e) Provide training to ensure that the Product sales and opportunity meetings conducted by your Downline Organization are conducted in accordance with the Contract, current Company literature, and in accordance with any applicable laws, ordinances, and regulations;
(f) Monitor the activities of those you personally sponsor and those in your Downline Organization and work in good faith with the Company to prevent the violation of these Policies and Procedures and manipulation of the Sales Compensation Plan;
(g) Supervise and assist your Downline Organization’s efforts to sell the Company’s Products to retail customers; and
(h) Cooperate with the Company regarding investigations of your Downline Organization, and, upon request from the Company, provide all relevant information pertaining to any investigation.

2.2 Line Switching

You may not encourage, entice, or otherwise assist another Distributor to transfer to a different Sponsor. To do so constitutes an unwarranted and unreasonable interference with the contractual relationship between the Company and its Distributors. This prohibition includes, but is not limited to, offering financial or other tangible incentives for another Distributor to terminate an existing Distributorship and then re-sign under a different Sponsor. You agree that a violation of this rule inflicts irreparable harm on the Company and agree that injunctive relief is an appropriate remedy to prevent that harm. The Company may also impose penalties on any Distributorship that solicits or entices an existing Distributor to change lines of sponsorship.