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Registered Blue Diamond Internet Marketing Site, Your Marketing Helper!

After the publication of the educational articles on business ethics for consecutive months, we believe that business partners have a preliminary understanding of NU SKIN’s Internet policies. Whether you also have a clear understanding that distributors titled Blue Diamond Executive may create or maintain an Internet Marketing Site? As long as you currently enjoy active status as a Blue Diamond Executive, have been a Blue Diamond Executive for a minimum of three months, and are not in material breach of the Contract, you may submit Application Form For Registration of Blue Diamond Business Support Materials and Services together with Blue Diamond License Agreement to NU SKIN to apply for the registration of the Internet Marketing Site. If NU SKIN approves your registration after review, we will send you a Notice of Registration.

General Distributors could post on their personal social networking sites information that you are a NU SKIN independent distributor, information about your involvement with the Company, and preliminary information about NU SKIN, and direct users to a Company Internet Marketing Site or a registered Blue Diamond Internet Marketing Site. Besides, since Blue Diamond Executive have significant experience and knowledge relating to the Company and its Products, they may also promote NU SKIN, NU SKIN’s rewarding business opportunities or innovative products, and the enriching culture of Force for Good via registered Blue Diamond Internet Marketing Sites.
Making good use of Internet in compliance with NU SKIN Internet policies will help you develop NU SKIN business more effectively, achieve goals and realize the dream of success sooner. NU SKIN hereby suggests Blue Diamond Executive to submit the application for registration of Internet Marketing Site proactively, with the help of the Internet marketing website platform which has been registered in compliance with NU SKIN Internet policies, to push your NU SKIN business to a new height! Business Partners, let’s meet at the summit.

There are some points to be noted for creating or maintaining an Internet Marketing Site as listed below. Should you need further information, please contact your Executive Partners or Sustainable Leadership Advancement.

1. You must notify NU SKIN immediately if posting any information on the Blue Diamond Internet Marketing Site that relates to NU SKIN, its Products, or the opportunity/Sales Compensation Plan that has not been previously registered with NU SKIN;

2. Downloadable materials such as PDFs, videos, pictures, PowerPoint presentations and other files are considered separate Business Support Materials and you must register them with NU SKIN and receive a Notice of Registration before posting them on your Blue Diamond Internet Marketing Site;


3. Your Blue Diamond Internet Marketing Sites may not contain more than fifty (50) pages, in the aggregate, without the written consent of NU SKIN. You must provide NU SKIN with any usernames or passwords as may be necessary to access all portions of the Blue Diamond Internet Marketing Site; and


4. If NU SKIN notifies you to remove or delete any information from your Blue Diamond Internet Marketing Site, or to make any modifications or add additional information such as income disclaimers, you must make the requested changes within 24 hours (or a shorter period as NU SKIN may require in its sole discretion) or shut down the Blue Diamond Internet Marketing Site until such changes have been made.

(Please refer to Sections 4 and 7 of Chapter 3 of NU SKIN Distributor’s Policies and Procedures for details)

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