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Follow the Internet marketing policies strictly and no business development problem would be raised

Sandy is a fresh university graduate and has great confidence about her future. She began to develop an interest in NU SKIN when a friend of hers brought her to a NU SKIN Event and she was amused by the wide variety of NU SKIN products as well as the rewarding business opportunities. She obtained a deeper understanding of NU SKIN’s products and business opportunities after receiving further explanation from her friend. However, business development could be a challenging task for a fresh university graduate. In consideration of that, Sandy decided to start off her business by introducing NU SKIN to her relatives and friends in the first stage to increase public praise. She also decided to use the Internet as an advertising media as she has noticed many NU SKIN marketing materials on Facebook and Instagram. She created “NU SKIN Page” on Facebook, Instagram and other social networking sites and posted product reviews together with the before & after photos on them to give the viewer a detailed information on NU SKIN’s products. Suddenly Sandy remembered there seems to be certain restrictions over internet marketing as it was mentioned before during an education section of a NU SKIN event. In order to avoid any violation of NU SKIN’s policies & procedures, Sandy contacted NU SKIN to enquire about internet marketing-related matters. The questions and answers are as follows:

Q1: Can distributors use internet for marketing purposes?
A1: Yes. But need to follow the related policies and procedures.
If distributors use their own blog or social networking sites, information they can only publish are such as basic information of the company, their participation on the company activities and links diverted to the company or registered Blue Diamond Internet Marketing site. In addition, prior to the registered Blue Diamond Internet Marketing sites, any blog or social networking site do not allowed to become internet marketing site. And, without prior consent of the company, company logo, copyrights, product or business information or pictures are not allowed to be used.

Q2. When utilizing the social networking sites, blogs and other forums to share information on NU SKIN business, are there any matters should be paid attention to or prohibited from doing?
1.    The sharing of content would be based on their own life but not primarily devoted to Nu Skin.
2.    Do not sell Nu Skin products over the website.
3.    Do not post Before and After photos.
4.    Do not turn website into internet marketing site.
5.    No Medical claims.

Q3. Only Blue Diamond Distributors can create & maintain an Internet Marketing Site?
A3: Yes. Since they have significant experience and knowledge relating to the Company & its Products, they can set up their own internet marketing site through registration procedure. For information related to the registration procedure, you may contact your executive partner. However, registration does not have the legal identity that business partner still need to pay attention to related rules and regulations.

Internet has become an indispensable tool for communication, information and interaction. Using the internet, you can present and promote your products to numerous individuals to achieve your goals of raising public awareness and increasing revenue easily. However, its convenience, popularization and boundary-less characteristics could also be problematic as your internet marketing sites will hence be accessible by people from any corner of the world. Therefore, we have to pay extra attention to what we distribute on the Internet. In order to ensure proper usage of Internet marketing, NU SKIN’s Policies & Procedures has included written guidelines for internet use. Distributors should get themselves familiar with Nu Skin’s Policies and Procedures as well as the contract terms & conditions before starting their business activities. Distributors should follow the Company’s policies and use the Internet properly to maintain a fair and healthy trading platform in NU SKIN. Let us work together to build a prosperous career and a successful business.

(The name of character in the article is fictitious. No identification with actual person is inferred.)

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