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Although Mr. Ma joined Nu Skin recently, he was very aggressive to expand his career in Nu Skin by searching new potential partners through Whatsapp group chat; approaching them actively; stating that he is recruiting for Company and recommending new partners to purchase TR90 set. Ma hoped to make use of these opportunities to make achievement in his life. Ma showed great identification on the outcomes from TR90. Therefore, he promoted TR90 in an exaggerated way that everyone would get slim by only consuming TR90 without any exercise and standardized eating habit. His customers were surprised at the magic power after having a lesson from Ma about TR90 and they all purchased TR90 from Ma. However, after 90 days, Ma’s whatsapp group was filled with complaining messages because Ma had not coached his mentees correctly with the “3333” eating rule during the consumption of TR90. His mentees found Ma for the unexpected outcomes that they did not get slim after consuming TR90, but, Ma refused to meet his mentees to handle the complaints. When there were more and more complaints from his mentees and Ma did not know how to handle the complaints, Ma just shut down the whatsapp group chat and blocked all the phone calls from them.


Nu Skin business is people oriented with differentiated products. Nu Skin encourages every business partner to promote Nu Skin business face to face with every new recommended partner. when you introduce Nu Skin to others, you have to present yourself and products to your customers clearly. You must use appropriate channels to approach potential customers. Nowadays, there are some popular channels like Whatsapp, Line and WeChat. Although these communication channels are very popular, it is very hard to control the in-and-out of the group chat within these channels. Also, business partner is unable to understand deeper with the new partners by means of sending messages within the group chat box. Hence, you must be very careful in choosing potential partners with legitimate channels when you start your Nu Skin business.


Nu Skin cares about personnel development that it will hold product educational training regularly in order to provide a powerful sales aid for every business partner. We hope every business partner will make use of every chance to have better understanding on the products and other sales aid in an attempt to be an all-round BP without any exaggerated promotion on products and misunderstanding of company information.


Every Nu Skin BP must operate your distributorship in an ethical, professional and courteous manner. Apart from promoting the Nu Skin product and business appropriately, you have other responsibilities like to explain to your downline on how to return products or cancel an order; to intervene in any disputes arising between a customer and any of your downline organization. All in all, we hope everyone performs a responsible BP.


We are here to bless every business partner with enormous expansion on your Nu Skin business with hunger in understanding the products and execution of your plan. We therefore hope you, all business partners, to care about your customers by listening to their wants and respond to them promptly. If there is any question, you would then actively be a communication bridge between your customers and the company. Moreover, we hope you could help trace the core cause of the problem and assist to help find out the solution with passion. If there is any return or cancellation order, business partner would assist to handle it. Over and above that, we hope you to operate your distributorship with passion and responsibility that you would not escape from problems but to face and solve it positively. If BP escape from the problem and transfer it to be as the company’s sole burden, this would not only let your customers’ faith lost but also damage the brand name, image and reputation of the company.
Relevant NU SKIN Policies and Procedures are extracted as below:

Chapter 2 Operating Your Business
1.3 General Ethics
You must operate your Distributorship in an ethical, professional, and courteous manner. This means, among other things, the following:
财 You must comply with the Contract and with applicable law and operate your Distributorship honestly.
财 You should indicate to prospective customers and Distributors who you are, why you have contacted them, and what Products you are selling.
财 You may not make false or misleading claims about potential earnings under the Sales Compensation Plan or about the benefits of using the Company’s Products.
财 You must explain how to return Products or cancel an order.
财 You shall not perform any act which damages or will likely damage the brand name, image or reputation of the Company.
财 You shall not perform any act which results in or will likely result in the general public having a negative perception of the Company.
2.1 Distributors are Independent Contractors
You are an independent contractor. You are not an agent, employee, officer, partner, member, or joint-venturer with the Company, and you may not represent yourself as such. You agree that as an independent contractor, you are responsible for your own business decisions and must determine in your sole discretion.


Chapter 3 Advertising
2.2 No Medical Claims
You may not make medical claims, or state or imply that any Product is formulated, designed or approved by the Company or any regulatory authority to treat any disease or medical condition. These representations imply that the Products are drugs rather than cosmetics or nutritionals. You also may not compare Products to drugs, or make drug or medical claims. Any such representations, claims or comparisons by you may result in your personal liability.


Chapter 4 Sponsoring
2.1 Training of Downline Organization
You must supervise, train, support, and have on-going communication with (i) any Distributor that you sponsor, and (ii) your Downline Organization in a manner consistent with the terms of the Contract. For example, you shall provide regular retail sales and organizational training, guidance, and encouragement to your Downline Organization; You shall exercise your best efforts to make sure that all Distributors in your Downline Organization properly understand and comply with the terms and conditions of the Contract and applicable national and local laws, ordinances, and regulations; You shall intervene in any disputes arising between a customer and any of your Downline Organization and attempt to resolve the disputes promptly and amicably; You shall cooperate with the Company regarding investigations of your Downline Organization, and, upon request from the Company, provide all relevant information pertaining to any investigation.


Correspondent law/regulation:
Relevant law/regulation of HK&MC are extracted as below:
Trade Descriptions Ordinance (HK)
From section 6 of Chapter 362-Trade Description Ordinance, an oral statement may amount to the use of a trade description. From section 7 &7A, subject to the provisions of this Ordinance, any person who in the course of any trade or business applies a false trade description to any goods or supplies or offers to supply any goods to which a false trade description is applied commits an offense. From section IIB, a trader who engages in relation to a consumer in a commercial practice that is a misleading omission; is aggressive; constitutes bait advertising; constitutes a bait and switch commits an offence.

澳門的第7/89/M號法律 - 廣告活動:
第十條 (欺詐性廣告)


Relevant Trade Descriptions Ordinance
有關澳門的廣告活動第7/89/M號法律, 請參照澳門特區政府之網站


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