One Couple, One Distributorship

Amy attended the Business Opportunity Training held at the workshop of Tom, a friend that Amy has known for ages. Tom invited Amy to join NU SKIN as his mentee. Amy was tempted since she had witnessed the growth of business under the management by Tom and his wife and the improvement of their life. She was also hesitant at the same time, since she remembered her husband told her that he had joined NU SKIN as a Distributor. However, "Anyway, my husband joined in his own name. I can join in my own name. He runs his business and I will run mine. We could have double income too." Amy thought. Therefore, Accompanied by Tom, Amy went to NU SKIN to sign up a Distributor account, yet it was found that Amy's husband is already a Distributor…


When a couple builds a family hand in hand, they fight together for the same dream in order to build a harmonious and better-off family. Similarly, when a couple builds a business, they usually have the same goal and work against all odds in order to reach outstanding results. Therefore, NU SKIN encourages a husband and wife should work as one to build NU SKIN career. According to NU SKIN's Policies and Procedures, if a distributor's spouse hopes to become a Distributor, the spouse must join the distributor's distributorship. In other words, one couple should own one distributorship to maximize the synergy to build and expand NU SKIN business. (Please refer to Section 1.2 of Chapter 1 of Policies and Procedures: One Individual per Distributorship and Section 1.7 of Chapter 1: Spouses and Co-habitants)

(The name of character in the article is fictitious. No identification with actual person is inferred.)