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Please Comply with Advertising Policy while Building NU SKIN Business

After joining NU SKIN, Nancy becomes enthusiastic about the quality products of NU SKIN. Attending a wave after wave of Company activities, Nancy is deeply impressed by the mighty power of Becoming Stars, Creating Stars, Duplicating Stars. Nancy is thus more confident in developing NU SKIN career and sets herself the goal of Creating Stars, Breaking Hundred, Fighting for being TE and Becoming MDC. In order to increase the sales of the products, Nancy created a private Facebook page about NU SKIN. She posted the benefits of different NU SKIN products and cross-reference photos of before and after using NU SKIN products to attract customers to purchase. With an aim to arouse customers' attention, she even emphasized, in the description of the product benefits, that NU SKIN products have medical effects of weight loss, detoxication, anti-inflammation, breast augmentation or even lowering blood pressure, treating diabetes and etc. Nancy is looking forward to the soaring sales volume after making such efforts. In fact, her behavior has already violated NU SKIN's policies.

Nancy's promotion content has violated the advertising policy. Regarding product claims, NU SKIN has relevant regulations. (Please refer to Policies and Procedures Chapter 3 Advertising Section 2 Product Claims) You may not make medical claims, or state or imply that any Product is formulated, designed or approved by the Company or any regulatory authority to treat any disease or medical condition. These representations imply that the Products are drugs rather than Personal Care products or Nutrition Supplements. You also may not compare Products to drugs, or make drug or medical claims. Any such representations, claims or comparisons by you will result in your personal liability. Therefore, please make sure that you read and comply with the policy of NU SKIN and be honest when promoting NU SKIN products to ensure smooth development of your career in NU SKIN.

Nancy has also violated Company's Internet Policy by creating the private Facebook page about NU SKIN. It was mentioned in Nu Express dated April 12 that business partners must comply with company policies regarding how to use the Internet properly. Products can be sold on the internet only through Company websites and cannot be sold through Distributor websites of any kinds or any other forms of internet use, for examples, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Wikipedia, Flickr and etc.  (Please refer to Policies and Procedures Chapter 3 Advertising Section 7 Internet Policy) In addition, when using the internet, you should not use NU SKIN's trademarks or photos as a profile picture or background; you should not use wordings such as NU SKIN and ageLOC® as the registration name; you should not recruit mentees; you should not use celebrity portraits; you should not spread false information.

We are also here to remind all business partners that if you learn to use Internet properly and effectively, this could definitely enhance your career development in NU SKIN, helping you achieve your goal and realize your dream. Internet is a public platform owned by all of you, NU SKIN hopes that you could cherish this resource, making good use of it to boost your NU SKIN's business.
(The name of character in the article is fictitious. No identification with actual person is inferred.)