2012.02.01 - Nu Skin Volunteer Team Happy Flower Market Trip with the Kids

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Feb 1, 2012

Nu Skin Volunteer Team
Happy Flower Market Trip with the Kids


Chinese Lunar New Year is a very important traditional Chinese festival. It is the time for the Chinese to gather with their families and friends to enjoy the big day! Nu Skin Volunteer Team brought love and warmth to children in need during this special occasion. On January 19 (Thursday), one of our Volunteer Teams with 10 people brought more than 10 children from the Hong Kong Society for the Protection of Children (HKSPC) (http://www.hkspc.org/eng/index.htm) to visit the Flower Market.

This event did not only allow the children to experience the atmosphere of Lunar New Year, but also provided a chance for our volunteers to give their care and love to the kids. Both  the children and volunteers spent a joyous morning together!

The Nu Skin Volunteers who attended the activity are as below (Listed not in sequence): Fanny Kwong (Captain), Lee Man Wah (Vice Captain), Aileena Au, Vivian Chan, Cheung Sin Kiu, Joey Chou, Teresa Keung, Leung Chun Ki, Leung Po Fan and Clara Yim. Thanks for their sharing as below:

“I am very happy to be part of the Nu Skin Volunteer Team. I can have the chance to bring happiness to more people, and create more smiles with many successful peers.” Fanny Kwong said.

“The kids are very cute. They are very independent and active. I wish all Hong Kong children could understand that happiness is valuable!” Lee Man Wah said.

“I wish I can participate in such meaningful activities again in the future!” Aileena Au said.

“I feel so grateful to participate in this volunteer activity and brought a joyful morning to the kids! And I truly realized the saying of ‘using our lives to give better lives to others’. I am glad to be a member of Nu Skin Volunteer Team.” Vivian Chan said.

“I am very happy to participate in this event which allowed me hanging out with the lovely children and bring them joy.” Joey Chou said.

“The children are very lovable. We have good interaction. This activity did not only enable the kids to experience outdoor activities, but also brought them joy. I will support these meaningful activities continuously.” Teresa Keung said.

“I am glad that I got the chance to hang out with the kids and get along with them. I can truly understand that it is more blessed to give than to receive. I hope that the children will grow up healthily.” Leung Chun Ki said.

“I am very happy to join this activity. Actually this is not my first time to participate in volunteer work organized by Nu Skin. I hope I can join more activities in the future.” Leung Po Fan said.

“I feel very lucky that I could participate in this event. Children are the future pillars of the society, therefore we should set a good example. Thanks Nu Skin for leading us to uphold the Force for Good spirit in these years.” Clara Yim said.

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