2012.01.11 - Nu Skin Volunteer Team Make Your Own Bread

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Jan 11, 2012

Nu Skin Volunteer Team
Make Your Own Bread


Bread is a kind of common breakfast for both children and adults. It provides energy for us to get well-prepared for the whole day. On January 7, one of our Volunteer Teams with 10 people brought more than 10 children from the ABM Hong Kong Swatow Baptist Church Community Service Association Limited to visit Dodomites Bakery Co. in Kwai Chung and learn the bread-making process. This activity did not only improve children's concentration, but also it provided a chance for volunteers to show their care and love to the kids. What a meaningful and fruitful afternoon!

The Nu Skin Volunteers who attended the activity are as below (Listed not in sequence): Ellie Szeto (Captain), Esther Li (Vice-Captain), Quentin Chan, Lillian Chan, Cheung Yau Chuen, Fung Wai Yee, Lau Yau Mui, Pong Kwong Man, Sydney and Susanna Yeung. Comments shared from our volunteers:

"The children behaved very well. They could take good care of themselves and they were very energetic. That was a pleasant afternoon. I wish I could participate in this kind of volunteer service in the future to uphold the Force for Good spirit." Ellie Szeto said.
"Learning and creating with children made me feel very warm!" Esther Li said.

"Engaging in volunteer work did not only help the needy, but I also felt happy to be able to help!" Lillian Chan said.

"I spent a joyful afternoon on learning bread-making with those children!" Cheung Yau Chuen said.

"I felt very comfortable when I was being with children during the activity. I wish I could have the opportunity to participate in this kind of volunteer service again." Fung Wai Yee said.

"I was very pleased to join this event to learn how to bake bread with the children. This afternoon was full of fun!" Lau Yau Mui said.

"The event was very meaningful. Both kids and volunteers were very happy. This two-hour event did not only bring us happiness, but also inspired children's creativity." Pong Kwong Man said.

"The children were very excited during the activity, volunteers were also cheerful. I would like to thank Nu Skin and ABM for organizing this activity." Sydney said.

"Getting along with children was very happy, everyone felt so satisfied!" Susanna Yeung said.

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