Calls of the "Force for Good" Gather Partners to the NU SKIN Hong Kong's 25th Anniversary Charity Sale. With Love, We Bring More Smiles To Others! (November 18, 2016)

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Calls of the "Force for Good"
Gather Partners to the NU SKIN Hong Kong's 25th Anniversary Charity Sale. With Love, We Bring More Smiles To Others!



First of all, let us say a big "Thank You" for our kind and loving business partners’ generous support on the "Force for Good" over the past years. On the memorable day of NU SKIN Hong Kong's 25th Anniversary, we continue to motivate our business partners’ passion to love and care for the others. Let us now explore the charity sales and discover novelties that can help our partners demonstrate the "Force of Good" in the Color Me Up Celebration Party. Growing with NU SKIN in the past 25 years, our partners have never diminished their benevolence towards the needy.


Must Eat! Experience Bits of Sweetness through "VitaMeal" Love Cookies

Our NU SKIN partners are probably aware of the launching of the "Nourish the Children” initiative in Africa since 2002. Through the effort of reputable non-profit humanitarian and charitable organizations, our group has distributed VitaMeal to children in various parts of the world who suffer from hunger. Each pack of VitaMeal can supply a month of nutritious food to "hungry children". Thanks to the love and concern of our fellow partners , NU SKIN has purchased and donated over 500 million sets of VitaMeal to different parts of the world. Besides feeding 500 million "hungry children", the program has given a helping hand to over 500 million families throughout the world.


How many of our partners have actually tasted "VitaMeal" although many of them have been continuously helping thousands of "hungry children" all over the world? In order to experience and celebrate their love and kindness, a charity stall will be set outside the Color Me Up Celebration Party to sell "VitaMeal Cookies", in which VitaMeal will be used to make NU SKIN and Christmas cookies. With such delicious treat, you, your friends, and relatives can surely share the great love.


(All proceeds from the above charity sale will be donated to the Force for Good Foundation Hong Kong Chapter.)



Must Buy! Charity Sales of the Children's Heart Foundation Let a Little Kindness Become Great Help

While helping a child, we also help his/her family. In order to help more families to embrace the lovely smile, NU SKIN Hong Kong has been working closely with the Children's Heart Foundation since 2005 in providing assistance through various projects. As of 2016, NU SKIN Hong Kong has donated HK$1.5 million worth of cash and resources every year to the Hong Kong Children's Heart Foundation for surgical operations on children with congenital heart disease. NU SKIN Hong Kong also sponsors the "House of the Heart", a temporary hostel with supporting facilities that enable parents to take care of their sick children who are being hospitalized and through mutual support from each other, the parents can share their experience and voice out their concerns. In addition, we also sponsor doctors to carry out congenital heart disease screening program. By achieving the goal of "Prevention is Better than Cure", we aim at helping more children and their family members.


The Hong Kong Children's Heart Foundation will join the Color Me Up Celebration Party and set up a charity stall. You are most welcome to donate on site with your friends to show your love for children with congenital heart disease and their family members.

(All proceeds from the above charity stall will be donated to the Hong Kong Children's Heart Foundation)


Must Have!! Exclusive and Limited Gifts -- "Commemorative Charity Capsule Toy"

Being as adorable as other products of NU SKIN, the "NU SKIN Hong Kong's 25th Exclusive and Limited Commemorative Charity Capsule Toys" will be sold at the Force of Good charity sale area on the day of the event. The toys, being "innovative, fun, and exciting", are indeed the “must-haves” for people like you. Available in a set of 8, the surprise-filled capsule toys each comes with a little mirror. By simply donating 20 dollars, you will get a token (change unavailable) that entitles you for one single draw of the capsule toys from the vending machine. But will your curiosity be quenched by just one piece of this wonderful novelty? Certainly not! Do collect a few sets – one to keep at home, one to bring along to wherever you go, and one as gift for family members! Don't forget to share the joy on the social media platforms to gain "Likes" from friends.


Stocks are limited, so don't miss out! All proceeds will be donated to the Force for Good Foundation Hong Kong Chapter. Let us illuminate the most beautiful side of ourselves, for we can create more smiles through our collective efforts.


Dear partners, remember to come with your friends early and bring sufficient cash to show your "Force for Good"! Together, we can create countless smiles with other members in the Hong Kong society! In fact, there are many more interesting activities in the NU SKIN Hong Kong 25th Anniversary Celebration. We’ll introduce more about the events in the next issue! Stay tuned with the event website and our Facebook page for more details.