Final Call, the Last Week of Force for Good Day and Clothing Donation

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Final Call, the Last Week of Force for Good Day and Clothes Donation

June 24, 2016

NU SKIN is having the last round of clothes donation. The last donation day will be on the June 30, 2016. We are looking forward for your, do not wait until the last minute. Take action now!

Hand in your blessing of June
NU SKIN Force of Good Day 2016 is nearly to the end. In June, please come to our showcases to donate your old clothes which help to people in need. We are waiting to have a good time with you and the people who you will help.

(click here for more information of donation)


*Business partners and NU SKIN staff donated for the Force for Good Day

Every small part makes a difference
For this year, NU SKIN already collected 4,000 donations in only 20 days in the Greater China region.  At the same time, kind people all around in Greater China continue sending their donation to our showcases.


*NU SKIN Staff were packing the donations.  


Deliver your love to the world
It's easy to deliver your love to another by just as simple as donating your unwanted clothes.