NU SKIN Volunteer Team Farm Experience of Ecological Conservation (April 15, 2016)

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NU SKIN Volunteer Team
Farm Experience of Ecological Conservation

April 15, 2016

On March 23 2016, Anti-aging expert – NU SKIN sent 23 volunteers from the NU SKIN Volunteer Team to accompany 130 students and their parents from the Fresh Fish Traders' School to experience Eco-tourism of New Life Farm at Tuen Mun. Participants were divided into 20 groups. Under the leading of volunteers, students participated in workshops of green experiences. Meanwhile, the tour guides were people in recovery of mental illness. They clearly introduced the concept of organic farming and environmental protection while touring visitors around the farm. Although it was raining, students were still being active and excited. Our volunteers and children successfully completed the missions together by using recycle materials to design T-shirts and to make “environmental friendly potted plants”. They also created some organic soap. The activities showed the creativity of students. At the end, they enjoyed a special and healthy lunch. Not only the students, but also their parents and volunteers have raised the awareness of nature conservation in this programme.

The NU SKIN volunteers who attended the activity are as below (listed not in sequence): Thomas Tsang (captain), Amy Yu (vice-captain), Chan Happy Venus, Sherry Cheung, Henry Fok, Jason Ho, Tong Tsz Ching, Rico Cheung, Sum Cheung, Chiu Mung Tik, Pinky Tong, Dorothy Cheung, Sa Cheung, Christy Ho, Sharon Ngai, Fung Wai Ching, Kayee Cheung, Yvonne Cheng, Ben Cheung, Augusta Kwok.

Their sharing is as follows:

‘I enjoyed this volunteer activity. I am glad to be one of the NU SKIN volunteer team members. We were happy to have fun in the workshop with kids from Fresh Fish Traders' School who are in low-income families. They were friendly and energetic. We have developed a good relationship in just a short time. Also, this programme was meaningful. I appreciated the arrangement that volunteers could make soap and have butterfly lesson with kids. I look forward to the next programme to learn and work together with them.’ Thomas Tsang said.

‘The activity brought me back to the nature. It was warm to join the workshop with kids and their parents. I was happy to see those lovely kids.’ Amy Yu said.

‘This was the second time I joined NU SKIN volunteer activity. Through the activity, I can understand more about the different feelings and needs of parents and kids. The experience was precious. It also reminded me that I am so blessed since there are many families which got rooms for improvement.’ Chan Happy Venus said.

‘We must complete the spirit of Force for Good actively and efficiently. We have to think of someone to help in every morning and we need to help others to enhance their quality of life.’ Sherry Cheung said.

‘Although it was raining, it did not affect our mood. I was happy to join the eco-workshop with a group of lovely kids. During the activity, we worked and learned together. I felt warm and satisfied after seeing the smiles of kids while they were leaving with their handmade products.’ Henry Fok said.

‘I have been looking forward to the volunteer activity since I registered. However, I was disappointed when I received the cancellation notice due to the prevailing influenza. At the end, I’m glad that NU SKIN kept the activity on schedule to demonstrate the spirit of Force for Good. I appreciate this attitude very much. I was impressed by the first volunteer activity. It made me understand that there are many meaningful events I can join.’ Jason Ho said.

‘Bringing joy to others is also a happiness. Meeting happy kids is definitely a blessing. I wish these children can grow happily and achieve good academic results.’ Tong Tsz Ching said.

‘The cute children made me want to have my own children too. Designing t-shirts was fun and made me very happy.’ Rico Cheung said.

‘It has been a long time that I play with kids for a whole day and experience once more the life of a primary school student. It was meaningful to guide children to understand the nature and learn about the environmental friendly issues. I hope more kids can spread the spirit to others.’ Sum Cheung said.

‘This is my first time to join a volunteer activity. I had thought it would be very tiring, however, I did enjoy it so much. I was happy to visit the farm with students from the Fresh Fish Traders’ School. We made T-shirts and plants together. The most satisfying part was communicating with students throughout the activity. I was touched. I would love to join the volunteer activity again next year. I hope to keep the spirit up and always remember the sense of satisfaction.’ Chiu Mung Tik said.

‘I appreciated the simple concept of the Fresh Fish Traders' School. Students are happy although they are not rich. The relationship between students, teachers and parents is close. We designed T-shirts and plants together. Thanks NU SKIN for giving me this chance.’ Pinky Tong said.

‘I was happy to join this volunteer activity. Conversations with kids were so funny. I learned the courage and creativity from the kids. They recalled my childhood memories and demonstrated a fruitful life.’ Dorothy Cheung said.

‘This was a happy activity. I hope to join these meaningful volunteer programmes again!’ Sa Cheung said.

‘Although it was raining, it did not affect our mood. It was interesting to learn new knowledge and make DIY artworks in the farm. All students were lovely. I am glad to join this activity.’ Christy Ho said.

‘I was happy with this volunteer experience while seeing those lovely students. Although they are not rich, they are friendly to everyone.  The simple happiness of those kids makes me feel blessed. Their smiles have brighten my world too.’ Sharon Ngai said.

‘I felt so blessed. Students seldom have chances to join the activities. I was happy to see their smiles. I hope to join the volunteer work more often to bring more happiness to children.’ Grace Fung said.

‘I was glad to participate in the workshop with kids. Parents and I were happy to see the satisfaction of children with their hand-made products. Our mood was not affected by the bad weather. I am looking forward to the next programme.’ Kayee Cheung said.

‘I learned a lot in my first volunteer experience. I can see the principal loves his students and it is rare to develop such a close relationship like them. I was happy to talk with the children and hope to join the next activity soon.’  Yvonne Cheng said.

‘I enjoyed the activity so much and it was touching! The children were polite. I was glad to join this programme.’ Ben Cheung said.

‘The kids were lovely and outgoing. I enjoy the freshness of nature in the farm.’ Augusta Kwok said.


Group photo of NU SKIN Volunteer Team members and the kids and their parents from the Fresh Fish Traders' School


Volunteers and students made organic soap together


Volunteers and students designed T-shirts together


NU SKIN Volunteer Team members provided love and care to the students