NU SKIN Volunteer Team - Sharing Christmas Joy with kids (November 27, 2015)

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NU SKIN Volunteer Team
Sharing Christmas Joy with Kids

November 27, 2015


On November 19, 2015, Anti-aging expert – NU SKIN sent 10 volunteers from the NU SKIN Volunteer Team to accompany 16 kids from the Hong Kong Society for the Protection of Children to see the Christmas decorations and lightings at Tai Kok Tsui Olympian City.

The kids enjoyed the festive atmosphere and learned more about the background and culture of Christmas. They were hyper and curious on the Christmas lightings and decorations in the shopping mall!  The NU SKIN volunteers and the kids were all very excited!

The NU SKIN volunteers who attended the activity are as below (listed not in sequence): Sharon Lam (Captain), Lorio Leung (Vice-Captain), Alan Ma, Law Sing Har, Bonnie, Terry Chow, Paul Lee, Cheng Tsz Bong, Daisy Leung, Jerbi Cheuk, Connie Yeung and Morry Yip.

Their sharings are as follows:
“Children need love and care from adults. As the same time, they make adults understand the importance of love and care especially, for those 1-2 years old kids. They seek for more caring." Sharon Lam said.

“I take care of younger kid this time. She is clever. She is curious but nervous about her first time outing. Hope that I can meet her again. Wish her can have a happy and healthy life" Lorio Leung said.

“It is meaningful to spend time with kids. Although we just played for two hours, we have developed good relationship. Hope that we can meet again and I will treasure the time with those children more." Alan Ma said.

“I am happy to meet those kids. Lam Lam is clever. I love her very much!" Law Sing Har said.

“Hope that we can provide extra care to children. They need more love and care!" Bonnie said.

“Happy, happy, I really enjoy the activity" Terry Chow said.

“I am very satisfied with the activity. The children are energetic and out-going." Paul Lee said.

“I learn a lot from this nice experience. “ Cheng Tsz Bong said.

“I am happy." Ricky Yu said.

“I enjoy playing with kids in the activity. I can feel their happiness. I hope to join this activity again." JerbiCheuk said.

“I am glad to join this meaningful activity. I can communicate with many children with different backgrounds. Kids can enjoy lives through seeing Christmas decorations and having lunch. They can learn different things. Wish that I can play with them again." Connie Yeung said.

“These children are poor. They lack family care. It is meaningful to provide them some warmth and care." Morry Yip said.