NU SKIN Volunteer Team Visiting to Kowloon Walled City Park in Autumn (October 16, 2015)

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NU SKIN Volunteer Team
Visiting to Kowloon Walled City Park in Autumn

October 16, 2015


On October 8, 2015, Anti-aging expert – NU SKIN sent 10 volunteers from the NU SKIN Volunteer Team to accompany 16 kids from the Hong Kong Society for the Protection of Children to visit the Kowloon Walled City Park.


With autumn just around the corner, the weather was nice for outing. Kids were energetic and kept running and playing around, and making friends in the park. After the visit, all of them had a joyful dim sum lunch at a restaurant to learn not to waste food. They all had a great morning!

The NU SKIN volunteers who attended the activity are as below (listed not in sequence): Ruby Kwong (Captain), Lui Wing Shuen (Vice-Captain), Anita Cheng, Marie Leung, Jenny Chan, Yuen Pui Yee, Priscilla Au, Jason Yu, Kelly Lam, Ada Ho, Chau Pui Sze, Angel Chan and Annie Liu. Their sharings are as follows:

“So happy and touched to have outing with kids, we chatted and had lunch together. After this activity, we have developed good relationship and trust between us. Thanks NU SKIN once again to provide me the feeling of love” Ruby Kwong said.

“Thanks NU SKIN and Hong Kong Society for the Protection of Children provided me this opportunity to visit those lovely kids because we really help others to enhance their quality of lives through this valuable event.” Lui Wing Shuen said.

“We are happy and healthy to play with kids at the park in the early morning. Thanks all for giving me a great morning and I wish all of them can have good health!” Anita Cheng said.


“I am glad to join this charity event. It is easy to satisfy kids because simply playing at the park can make them very excited. You can see many happy faces there. Thanks NU SKIN for organizing this meaningful programme” Marie Leung said.


“I am happy to participate in this event. Children are future of the society, thus it is our responsibilities to love them and provide them happy and healthy lives. Let us start spreading love to everyone.” Jenny Chan said.


“Thanks NU SKIN providing me this opportunity to join this charity event! I hope everyone can have better future.” Yuen Pui Yee said.

“It is my first time to take care of children in volunteer work. They are all disciplined. I will keep on supporting charity to contribute to the society and spread love to everyone!” Priscilla Au said.

“This is a warmth activity to visit some lovely kids. I must participate in the coming programmes. ”Jason Yu said.

“Thanks for giving me this unforgettable day. All children are independent. I hope I can meet them again.” Kelly Lam said.

“It is enjoyable to play with kids. They are different with the kids from normal family. I hope they can have happy and healthy lives.” Ada Ho said.

“It is wonderful to see energetic kids playing at the park happily. I hope more charities can be organized to let us sharing love and care!” Chau Pui Sze said.

“It is great to participate in volunteer work with fellow volunteers. All kids are lovely. I wish all of them can grow happily.” Angel Chan said.

“I am impressed by my first time volunteer experience. I had developed friendship with 3 year-old kids after playing, eating and learning together. They appreciated of my visit. Annie Liu said.