Gratitude to All of You for 2015 NU SKIN Force For Good Day Clothes are gathered for “New Life”! (July 24, 2015)

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Gratitude to All of You for 2015 NU SKIN Force For Good Day
Clothes are gathered for “New Life”!

July 24, 2015

2015 Force For Good Day is over. The Greater China Region has collected 21,266 clothes donations up to now. There are a total number of 1,509 NU SKIN staff and business partners joining the activity. During the activity, there was an average of over 750 donations received every day from different cities and regions in Greater China Region. We can reduce nearly 1000 tons of carbon emission by reusing these second-hand clothes.

Apart from fulfilling the environmental value, over 20,000 second-hand clothes containing the love of NU SKIN will be donated to the charitable organizations in the Greater China region and used to raise fund for the people in need by way of direct donation or resale. Those clothes carry the honorable mission of Force For Good and empower others to improve their own living quality.

In the 2015 Force For Good Day, we do not only receive donations, but also the donation stories from the business partners in the Greater China Region.

No.1 Donation Story With Highest Popularity –Oversized Old Clothes Become Fabulous Donation after TR90
“I would not be regretful for donating old clothes in support of the charity sale.” “The customized clothes that I just ordered‘suffered from’TR90, but the joy to start a new life overrides my reluctance in donating the clothes. I am really thankful to Nu Skin for preparing the donation activity and let us share our love.” “1+4”perfect formation has to be maintained in the donation activity as well!

“After completing the TR 90 program, we came to donate the oversize clothes.”



No.2 Meaningful Donations: those unforgettable moments
The clothes that I wore when I first attended the Regional Convention of NU SKIN was the birthday present I brought for myself after earning my first pot of gold.“Pursuing what I really want”, “reminding myself to be as conscientious as the beginning”- the clothes donated carry much positive energy from our business partners.

These clothes carry the memory of my first day working in NU SKIN


5 Million Dollar Circle Member Betty Chan donates her clothes


No.3 Good Ripples: Those forces for good gathered because of NU SKIN

“Once my friends got to know this meaningful activity, they became very active in participating the activity. They hope that more and more people can know about the Force For Good of NU SKIN by sharing with their friends.” Other than out business partners, we have attracted their family members and friends to join the activity through our sharing with them via word of mouth and social network. Thank you for the efforts made by each of you, enabling more people to raise concerns, recognize and even participate in Force For Good of NU SKIN.


The friends of NU SKIN business partners also show great support


The team spirit empowers force for good





No.4 The recognition from our charity partners

Eden Social Welfare Foundation sent Certificate of Appreciation to NU SKIN Taiwan


ShanTaoWang reported on the volunteer activity on Force For Good Day organized in NU SKIN Greater China Innovation Park (GCIP)


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During the 2015 Force For Good Day, we have witnessed many touching and warm donation stories from our business partners. Someone left the clothes without names and our working staff in the store have to check who the donor was by watching the footage carefully. Many of our business partners who run garment business donate their new-arrival inventories generously after knowing the activity. We cannot mention all of the donation stories here, but all of your donations will be passed to the places in need by NU SKIN.


Boxes of clothes containing the love from our NU SKIN business partners



Force for Good is not about one-off help, but continuous actions from the bottom of our heart

We hope that each of our NU SKIN family members will keep their concerns and support the recycling of old clothes after this event.

Great thanks to all of you supporting the 2015 Force For Good Day