Fill In Questionnaire & Get Prize 2015 NU SKIN Greater China Branding Survey Invitation (April 30, 2015)

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Fill In Questionnaire & Get Prize
2015 NU SKIN Greater China Branding Survey Invitation

April 30, 2015

Anti-aging expert – NU SKIN will conduct a Brand Survey from  May 6, 2015 to May 19, 2015 in Greater China. To broaden the survey data and information from the market, NU SKIN will specially extend the survey to NU SKIN Business Partners and fans of and, to see their perception on the brand of NU SKIN. Apart from this, the survey also includes comments from different media online platforms. NU SKIN aims to know more about the features difference and competitive advantages and disadvantages between NU SKIN and other competitors in order to provide directions for our future brand strategy.


In fact, in 2013, NU SKIN conducted another brand survey on personal cleansing products, skin care products, and supplements in Greater China, including Mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Based on the results of 2013, we continuously promote the development of our brand positioning through different kinds of branding program, we also communicate with media to enhance the brand of NU SKIN, and have achieved good results.


During May 6, 2015 to May 19, 2015, all the Business Partners in Greater China (Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan) will receive a special email which contains the questionnaire of this brand survey. You can attend the lucky draw by just spending around 5-10 minutes to fill in the whole questionnaire and providing your information, which includes your name, postal address, mobile number, and NU SKIN ID. In order to express our gratitude to the Business Partners, NU SKIN will draw 20 winners from each market 2 weeks after the survey period. Each winner will get 1 ageLOC® TRUE FACE Essence Ultra. The winner list will be announced on the NU SKIN official website on June 1, 2015 and will be published in the Standard and the Singdao Daily on June 11, 2015. For more details of the activity, please refer to the special email that NU SKIN will issue later. You advice is always important to the future development of NU SKIN brand! Looking forward to your participation!


Trade Promotion Competition Licence No.: 045222

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