OFFICE Overview

OFFICE Overview


NU SKIN developed a new distributor back office platform as part of the Distributor e-Business program. The objective of the new distributor OFFICE is to provide our markets with the ability to reinforce business objectives through technology, while at the same time simplifying the digital experience for our distributors. With this new distributor portal, OFFICE provides our distributors with a centralized location for business-focused content and tools.

The former My Office was originally built to meet this need, but because of difficulty managing content, lack of relevant functionality, and difficulty enhancing the functionality, it became a content graveyard with little relevant information for the distributor. OFFICE functions in an entirely new way from My Office by providing relevant distributor tools in addition to any other information they would need to successfully manage their business.

OFFICE is made available in a desktop PC version website as well as native mobile apps for the most critical functionality distributors’ need while they are on-the-go. Mobile devices supported with native downloadable apps, from their respective app stores, including iPhone, Android, and iPad. These mobile apps come fully integrated with V&G, making it more convenient to use and providing mobile access to critical business reports.

In the first phase, these V&G reports include:
GPS Report
Circle Group
Executive Breakaway
Volumes Summary

Many of the OFFICE tools are displayed in an easy-to-use distributor Dashboard, which serves as the “Home” for OFFICE. The Dashboard is comprised of individual and personalized “widgets”, each serving a specific purpose in helping  distributors manage their business. In the initial offering of the Office platform, the following Dashboard widgets will be included:


This displays distributors’ pictures and “My Dream” from V&G(Navigator) to constantly remind themselves why they are doing the business.

Take Action:

This is a technologically advanced reminder list. Distributors can create their own reminders, but what makes this powerful is the market itself will create reminders for distributors.

Business Activity:

This is a business news feed (similar to a Facebook news feed) that is populated with the most important information related to distributors’ personal business.

My Support:

This provides contact information and support to distributors.